Darnell Recaps Virginia Game

Following the Broncos 59-16 loss to the Virginia Cavaliers, WMU head coach Gary Darnell talked to the media about the game. "It's for all the marbles from here on in," said Darnell about the MAC season coming up.

On the up coming bye week:

"Everything is what you make of it. It could be good, or it could be bad. For us it's going to be good, just simply because we're moving forward. The 60 [player travel squad] are really going to step up, I think they're going to make their presence felt."

"When we dig down in this we're not going to be looking at schemes, we're going to be looking at the way people play. In our next game we travel to a MAC game, and our squad will be cut down to a traveling 60 at that time. And by doing that we have to really identify what's the core group… when we get on the bus [for Ohio] we'll be down to a core 60 and it could be fewer then that."

On the Virginia QB situation:

"We prepared for exactly what they did. The only thing you can't prepare for is that [Marques Hagans] is a great athlete and we knew that. I don't think there was ever a question as what the plays were going to be; its just who was running them."

"Where it really broke down was in the pass rush. We didn't loss [Hagans] in the running game. His skill really turn an average play into an outstanding play."

On the missed tackles:

"The was at least six to ten times we had guys right dead in the backfield tackled and we didn't get them to the ground."

"It started with the William & Mary game. I see us being less effective tacklers, and we even changed our practice routine to start to address that and we're going to have to continue to address that."

"When we were a blitz team I'm not sure we weren't better tacklers than and it's supposed to be the other way around."

On the turnovers:

"The turnovers on offense was the thing I was most optimistic about us staying away from today and it didn't happen. I thought the real test for us was as a team was if we could stay away form turnovers on offense then that would be a big part of it, then if you take away some of those [turnovers] then things stay in sync a bit more. It didn't happen that way and by the end they could have just named the score."

"For us to move to the next level it comes down to that part."

"Little mistakes against those kind of team turn into big mistakes."

On the remaining games:

"Our quest is the Mid-American Conference, and we have to get everything ready for the Mid-American Conference."

"That's why we're here. We're a MAC school and that's what you're here for. You came here to be in a MAC school and now we're going to play the MAC."

"It's time to get going."

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