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Redshirt freshman cornerback Jimmy Vincent has been thrust into a starting role this season and he has played well. We caught up with him to discuss a variety of topics both on and off the field.

Shortly after fall camp began WMU lost two cornerbacks ahead of you on the depth chart (Sam Reynolds and Tony Carr). Were you excited about the opportunity that was surfacing?
Yes, I wasn't nervous at all. I was excited and happy for a chance. It was my time and I was going to make the most of it.

How confident were you entering the Michigan State game with the defensive scheme?
I was very confident. My strength is knowing the defense. I know the defense well and know where the safeties are going.

What was it about WMU that brought you up here to Kalamazoo from Florida?
I went to the same school as Antonio Thomas and I ran track with Kendrick Mosley. I also knew Joe Chapple who is my roommate now and came here the same time I did. Knowing other guys helped and I also thought I would get a chance to play here.

Who else did you consider before choosing the Broncos?
Marshall, Bowling Green and Central Florida were all recruiting me.

What was the one thing that put Western over the top for you?
It was coach Flynn. He made everything a plus, I really liked him. I was still happy when he left as I was talking to coach Woods. Other schools were after me when he left but I was happy with my choice to come here to Western.

What are you majoring in?
I started in Exercise Science but I am undecided right now.

What does the defense need to do to get to the next level?
Just play our assignments. That is as simple as it gets. When we have given up big plays it has been due to breakdowns and we need to correct that and we'll be fine.

How do you think the defense has progressed so far this season?
It is hard to grade the defense. From the first game until now we have improved a tremendous amount.

How much has it helped that you go up against some of the best receivers in the country in practice?
Tremendously. Last year as a Stallion I would go up against the 1st team WR day in and day out and I think that helped out a lot. Going into the Michigan State game I think it was actually easier than practice because our guys are so talented.

Do you normally stay here or return to Florida in the summer?
I stayed here to work with the team for the first part of the summer and then went home to see my family before fall camp started.

How often does your family get to see you play due to the distance?
Last year I redshirted so they didn't come up here but this year my whole family including my sisters and everything will be here for Homecoming and probably one other game. My brother should be here for at least three games.

Has anyone else in your family participated in college athletics?
No, I am the youngest of five children. I have a brother and three sisters. I'm the first to play sports in college and the second to attend. One of my older sisters attended Central Florida.

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