Signs of Improvement

The Bronco's offensive line has shown great improvement over last season. Junior guard Kyle Ras spoke to Broncos Illustrated following Tuesday's practice about those improvements among other things.

Could you talk about the progress the offensive line has made through the first three games of the season?

"I think we've made a lot of progress, each game we've gotten a little better. The Virginia game we gave up 1 sack where in the beginning of the season we gave up a couple more. I think as the season goes we'll get better and better."

What has made the difference between this season and what the offensive line did last season?

"I'd say last year, everybody on the line, it was their first time under coach Cummings and the new system. It took us time to adjust and it took us till later in the year to figure things out where these guys were second and third stringers, and now [this season] we know the drills and know the system better."

Any comments on how coach Cummings is as a mentor and teacher?

"He's just one of those straight forward guys. He's going to tell it as it is. If you screw up he's going to tell you and he's going to show you how to do it so you know how to do it. He's not just going to scream at you and then let it go, so with him he'll tell you what you did, and how to do it right."

What do the tight ends bring to the offensive line going between receiver and blocker?

"They've got a tough job because they've got to both block and go out for passes. We work with them during practice so we can get all our blocks down and at the same time they have to go out there and know their patterns so they can go out and get the ball. They're definitely an important part of [the line]."

Have any of the younger offensive linemen pleasantly surprised you so far this season?

"Robbie Krutilla, who is a freshman, has been working hard and has been working with the twos. He's been doing really well for just getting here and should be a really good player."

What are you expectations for the remainder of the season?

"That's just something we're going to take day by day, week by week. Of course we have high expectations, but I'm not going to sit here and say we're going to do anything. We just got our butts kicked by Virginia so we have a lot of work to do, and if we work hard everything will come out good."

How do you mentally overcome a loss like Virginia?

"You just got to learn from it. You just got to come out here and work your butt off and work through it, and correct mistakes you made, and figure out what you did wrong."

What's the main focus for practice during the bye week?

"It's definitely fundamentals. You got to get the little things down, and that's what hurt us during the Virginia game was the little mistakes and they ended up being bigger then they should have been. So this week is getting the little things down, getting the right techniques on every pass, every run."

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