Plugging The Middle

At 6-4 and 285 pounds, redshirt sophomore Paul Moersch is seeing extensive playing time for the Broncos along the defensive line. We caught up with him to discuss the season so far and many other topics.

How has the defense progressed thus far in your opinion?

After the Virginia game we were kind of disappointed. The bye week came at a great time for us to regroup. It has given us a chance to study and correct what went wrong. The team's moral was down but we are much better now. Ohio runs a confusing offense so these two weeks have been very good for us.

What was the major concern following the Virginia game?

Really a lot of basics like tackling. We've worked on tackling a lot since that game.

Is it encouraging to you that a lot of the problems stemming from the Virginia game are correctable mistakes instead of them coming in and just dominating the game?

Definitely. The score was blown out of proportion due to their non-offensive touchdowns. I think it makes us feel a little better because we can improve on the little things. We are better than that. Working on our assignments is something we need to do as a young defense.

Early on this season who has stepped up and impressed you on this team?

I think Paul Tithof is one. He has impressed me a lot. Linebacker is a big part of our defense. He's headed in the same direction as Bryan Lape. He isn't the biggest but plays hard. Joe Alvarez also worked hard this past summer and has looked great out there.

What is the primary goal this weekend against Ohio?

We have to stop the option, that is the #1 thing. That is their bread and butter and us stopping that is key to us getting a victory.

What sold you on Western to come here for college?

I asked my parents and they just told me that when the place was right I would know. I came here for a Homecoming game against Northern Illinois and it was great and I just knew it was for me. I was offered by Northern Illinois and Cincinnati but chose Western Michigan.

What was your summer like preparing for this season?

I stayed here the whole summer. Summer is the time to gel with teammates. There are more things I can do if I stay here so that I can get ahead. There is lots of work to do.

What did you focus on primarily?

Strength is always something I try to work on. I have to be ready to take on double teams and battle inside. Foot speed is something I work on a lot. Quickness, footwork and agility drills. I made big improvements but I can still improve.

What were your thoughts when the MAC had such a great weekend last week?

I loved it. It gave a great name to the MAC. ESPN talks about it constantly. We'll be playing ranked teams now in our league and that is what you live and play for.

What are you majoring in at WMU?

Secondary Education.

What are your career goals after college?

I'd like to be a teacher or a football coach. I really want to get into coaching, probably at the high school level. It is hard to say exactly as I have three years yet but I'd like to go back to my high school and coach and teach. It is nice to give back and high school coaching is probably my goal moreso than college.

How have you liked working with your new position coach J.C. Harper?

He has been through it all. He is a younger coach and knows what he is talking about. He is a real encouraging type of guy and hands on. He can relate to us real well due to his experience. He definitely has our respect for sure.

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