Coaches Quotes for Ohio

This week we talked to the Broncos coaching staff as they were preparing the Broncos football team for Saturday's game against the Ohio Bobcats. We talked to Head Coach Gary Darnell, Defensive Coordinator Dick Bumpas and Offensive Coordinator Brian Rock. They give us their thoughts on how the Broncos have performed today, what we should expect to see from the Bobcats and Coach Darnell talks about the big day the MAC had last Saturday.

Coach Darnell Quotes

On preparing defensively for Ohio:

"Preparation is two-fold. One you have to prepare for the opponent but also then you have to prove yourself. So practice in some ways the focus will go back and forth a little bit but you have certain periods of times when you're actually focusing more on yourself and that would be the fundamentals. Then you have to work the schemes of what they're doing. So it's a combination of the two and for someone like Ohio that has a unique scheme that gives an ordinate amount of need to prepare for them but at the same time you know that if your not a good tackling team it doesn't matter. So you live in both worlds and at the days end you got to make them feel sure that you've progressed in both arenas."

His comments on preparing for Ohio's option offense:

"What they've seen it doesn't matter because for us it's not going to change. What they've seen of us, how we've played in tackling wise it's not going to change what they do. So we got to take care of that. What's important for us is that we know what they do and we prepare that way. Their attack is what their attack is, whether we tackle or not doesn't have anything to do whether they run a triple option or throw it."

He comments on the rubber bands the players are wearing on their wrists:

"It's kind of one of those team things. There's a lot of parts to it but it's tough about the team how we feel about certain things and basically it's a private team issue."

Thoughts on the Saturday the MAC had last week:

"I had a unique weekend because I opted to avoid football for about ten hours there on Saturday but I'm on the voting panel. So I knew at some point during the day I was going to go through and digest everything that went on. So it was late Saturday night and I'm provided a call in line for scores, I start calling in and start getting the scores and say "this can't be right." You should have got, instead of seeing it coming all day long like I'm sure most people did, you should have had to digested the whole thing in one big lump and that was a hard one. But it was exciting, it was just like I was shaking my head before I was finished getting all the scores my wife say, "I knew we shouldn't have talked about football today.""

Coach Bumpas Quotes

On addressing the teams tackling:

"Well we certainly hope there's going to be a change. We spent a lot of time, spent a lot of practice time and a lot of effort in to trying to improve our tackling. I think overall as a group we certainly have."

Talking about the team's young linebackers:

"Well right now I'm very pleased. We've got a four-way rotation going. I think Paul Tithof is doing an exceptional job for a freshman starter, I think he's doing real well. Then Mike Giorgianni, who came in this summer has stepped up at our mike position, I think between the two of them they are pretty credible. Then you blend in (Anthony) Belmonte behind him and then of course (Dan) Steinau so I'm pretty pleased with them overall. I really am."

Thoughts on adjustments and tweaking:

"One of the things going into this game of course is they're an option team and that's going to be really important because that really forces the defense to play assignment football. Because on the triples everyone knows you got to defend the fullback, you got to defend the quarterback, you got to defend the pitch in that order. Sometimes guys start trying to do things, or take people that they're not supposed to and that's where big plays happen. That's what we spent a lot of our time on is making sure we're assignment sound on the option and give everybody a chance to show up where they're supposed to."

Coach Rock Quotes

His thoughts on the performance of the offense this season:

"Obviously we haven't performed to the level that we would like to perform because we haven't won all three football games. That's where we're trying to get to and put ourselves in position to win games. Obviously there are some areas of concern that I think that we have that we've been working real hard on. Probably the first and most important is taking care of the football. We have a number of turnovers in the Virginia game that cost us, that mad a game that otherwise could have been a close game into a not close game. So we have to take care of the football and we've worked very hard, stressed that a great deal and hopefully our efforts will be rewarded by a turnover free game. That's the most important thing. I don't think it's for us to get tied up in yardage and statistics and those kinds of things. I think we have the ability and the understanding to have a very, very, very potent passing game and we have to create ways to run the football. We have to continue to do that. It didn't rear it's head too terribly much in the Virginia game because we were behind early and when you are playing catch up your philosophy is a little bit different and we tried to do that. I think we've got some quality running backs, our offensive line has done a good job. I would like to see us become a little more balanced offensively and those are a few things we've been working on."

Talks about the differences between preparing for an Ohio defense as compared to preparing for a Virginia defense:

"Well, Virginia was a three-four set up but there were very much of a pro-style of defense. When I say that, I mean they play a couple of zone coverages and they'll rotate their coverage a little bit but their big three defensive linemen was designed to attack our offensive line and just try to create, force double teams so that their linebackers could run. They did a very good job of that. They rallied to the ball and they played an excellent zone coverage football team. Ohio University, their three-four-scheme is more movement oriented. They're a slant and angle team and they run a lot of different blitzes form a lot of different looks and those four linebackers are involved in a lot of different blitz situations. They still play zone a lot behind that but the zones that they play are often times rotation type of zones instead of line up and play type of zones."

His comments on the type of downfield coverage the Broncos will see:

"No, I don't think these guys will play a whole lot of man coverage on us. They will play some but for the most part they are what we call a zone blitz team. They are going to try to bring four blitzers off of either side and roll their coverage so they are playing either three-deep or two-deep behind it. I think their philosophy is try to get a blitz to create a big play if you do complete it, complete it in front of somebody and then they try to rally to the football. But that's kind of their thing. We try to create ways to get the ball downfield and hopefully we'll be successful with that."

He talks about the offense getting excited about MAC play:

"Yes. I don't think there is any question about that. I think we've all had a sour taste in our mouth for about two weeks now. We think we are a better football team where we have capabilities to be a better football team than we have showed. That's the great thing about the game of football, every Saturday afternoon you get an opportunity to go out and reprove yourself."

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