Player's Quotes for Ohio

Broncos Illustrated spoke to Jack Gitler and Chad Munson this week to get their thoughts on preparing for Ohio and bouncing back after the Virginia game. Gitler talks about the defensive preparation for the game including working on tackling in practice. Munson talks about preparing for the Bobcats defense as well as the offense getting back on track.

Jack Gitler Quotes

He talks about the mood of the team:

"Just coming of the bye week and everything, everyone is real excited to get back in the game I think. We haven't played in almost fourteen days and we're all just ready to start playing. Everybody is real excited going against this team it's going to be a big team because we're going against the MAC now. We're starting our MAC schedule."

Talks about the problems the team has had with tackling this season:

"Really we've just been doing a lot more tackling drills in practice. There's been a lot bigger emphasis on tackling than there has been in the past which I think is going to help us out a lot. Since we had the Virginia game really and after William & Mary we really started picking it up more and just did a lot more tackling drills."

Talks about the strengths of the defense heading into the game with Ohio:

"I think one of our strengths is going to be speed of our defense as a whole because the team running the option something that I know really scares them is it's going to be tough on any option team is the defense is fast. Someone is going to be able to keep up with the quarterback and all the running backs and to just be able to stay up with everyone. I think as a defense coming into the game we're all prepared for the option ready for that so when we get to the passing game then we're also going to be going after the quarterback in the pass rush."

His thoughts on being able to stop the option and force the Bobcats to pass:

"Yeah, I think that will definitely benefit us because the option really has been Ohio's big thing they've been running. I know that, even before I got into college, they were running the option and I know that if you can shut down Ohio's option than you should be in for a big game.

Chad Munson Quotes

His thoughts on the attitude among the offense heading into the game against Ohio:

"Everybody's pumped. We can't wait to get back out on the field. We've had two weeks to prepare and get back after our mistakes against Virginia and stuff like that. We didn't play them where we wanted to play and then having two weeks to prepare for this game we're pumped up to get back on the field."

His thoughts on preparing for Ohio's defense compared to preparing for Virginia's defense:

"They run similar defenses so it wasn't that much of a difference. But the coverages are different. When you are preparing for another team you prepare differently each time. Some of the stuff is similar like if they have an odd front or even front but for the most part we are preparing for the Bobcats and how they play. They play different than how Virginia played so we're going to prepare differently."

Comments on whether or not the fans can expect to see anything special on Saturday:

"Airing it out. We're going to come back in and air it out and our running game is going to come around I know big time. We need to have Phil (Reed) to get some big gains up there and everything. Once that starts happening then the whole offense is going to click and then we are going to be unstoppable."

His thoughts on the Broncos not playing last Saturday:

"I wish we would have played a big team too. It just seemed the stars were aligned and it was the perfect time for the MAC. The spotlight was on the MAC for everybody's opportunity to have that big game. Like coach said, "it's like there was a party and we weren't invited," for the MAC. What's good is they went out there and did that and we have to go out there and beat them and show that we are the better team."

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