Player Quotes for Bowling Green

Broncos Illustrated caught up with Phil Reed and Chad Munson this week. Both players talked about Saturday's game with the Falcons, they also talked about last season's contest sitting in the back of the minds of the team and about being able to get the offense going.

Phil Reed

His thought on last season's game against the Falcons being on the minds of the Broncos.

"It's there. I can't say it's extremely huge because we lost a lot of close games last year. It's unfortunate that, that game started that losing that close game losing skid. But, it's exciting this year because we're at the top of the MAC right now. We have no losses as well as Bowling Green. Coming into this game both teams know it's going to be a fight on Saturday. It's just exciting. This whole week is exciting because it's homecoming for us."

He talks about the exciting football the Broncos and Falcons play.

"I just think it's out style of play really. We work extremely hard offensively and defensively and our offenses both have a game breaking offensive feel to it and it puts a lot of pressure on the defenses. When we get together there is going to be a lot of points on the board. That probably makes it the most exciting."

His thoughts on the Falcons defense being prepared for the Broncos passing game.

"Oh yeah, Bowling Green is a very good defensive team and the schemes we have put together we've tried to manipulate their defense a little bit. Bowling Green right now as statistics, is at the top of the MAC in almost every category. We know they are very good in all aspects of the game and it's up to us to come out and play hard."

He tells us what we can expect out of the running game on Saturday.

"Big things."

Chad Munson

His thought on Saturday's game.

"I'm really excited to play BG and glad it's our place now. I think offensively we are more potent than we were last year so we got a lot more threats this year. The offensive line is doing really well and I'm excited to have another shootout and hopefully, I feel that we have the offense to come out on top."

He talks about last season's game sitting in the back of the minds of the players.

"I don't think it's really sitting in our head. It was a good game that came down last year that we feel that we gave up to them and we gave them one. We don't want to come back and let that happen again."

He gives us his thoughts on getting the passing game going early on.

"I think they can say they (Bowling Green's secondary) were young but we were also young. A lot of the guys that were the guys doing stuff last year are all the guys that are coming back this year. I mean we lost Jermaine (Lewis) and Mo (Mobolaji Afariogun) but I feel we got guys that can step up and play. Just do the same thing because I think we have a lot more deep threats than we did last year."

He talks about the confidence and momentum from winning the first two MAC games.

"Definitely, any time you can play a big game at home it's a momentum changer."

He gives us his thoughts on the Virginia game being a turning point in the season.

"I don't think Virginia had really anything to do with the way our season went. I think that was a game that we ended up playing that didn't really have anything to do with the way our team is going to end up playing or the outlook of our season."

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