One-on-One With Coach Rock

Despite the Broncos offense being ranked second in the country in passing offense, the Broncos have had a difficult time in the first half of the last two games. In both games the Broncos saw their opening drive stall and both field goal attempts miss their targets. Offensive Coordinator Brian Rock talked to us about what the team is doing to fix this. He also talked about making adjustments, going away from the game plan and Northern Illinois' defense.

He talks about addressing the lack of offense in the first half.

"A little slowly? We didn't get the ball in the endzone and we didn't get it through the uprights. That's real slow to me. Obviously we are doing things to try to talk to about starting out faster and starting out more aggressive. In both games we had pictures that or situation that we wanted. In both games we took the first drive of the game right down the field and missed a field goal. If we're able to move the ball down the field right from the get go then we need to come away with points. I don't know if we were addressing a let down issue because we didn't get points but I have really worked hard this week on trying to make sure that when we're moving the ball, we continue to move the ball and we continue to put the ball in the endzone. I think we have an explosive team and we need to maintain our focus and score points. That's what we're here for."

His thoughts on how deflating or how much of a momentum swing it is to not put points on the board when driving down the field on the opening drive.

"I think obviously it's something that you are conscious of but you don't want it to be. My response to the players and everybody else is, shoot if we put it in the endzone we don't have to worry about it."

He talks about being able to put points on the board against the Northern Illinois Huskies.

"We got to focus on ourselves. We do what we do and we take care of our business. We're excited to play Northern Illinois and they are an outstanding football team. There is no doubt about that. They have beaten some quality football teams, they'll play hard and they come ready to play every single game. It's not about Northern Illinois. This football game is about us and about the things that we do and how we execute. We are going to line up against an opponent every single week and the things that make you win and lose are the things that you do."

He talks about making adjustments and going away from the original game plan.

"Sure, that's part of the chess match I think, of football. When I say we focus on ourselves we make our game plan fit what the defense gives us and then it's our job to execute it. Then it's our job to execute it and that's really what we've been missing in the first half of each of the last two ball games, the execution factor in the first half of a ball game. Sure, we will make adjustments. Our game plan is we don't run the exact same plays week in and week out. Kind of what you can equate it to is you have a menu of formations and runs and passes and protections and then you try to choose the right combination off of that menu and those are the things you work on that fit attacking the opponents defense. You work on those all week then you go out and execute them and win ball games."

He talks about the Huskies defense.

"They are very aggressive, very aggressive up front and we have played some aggressive defenses. Bowling Green was a very aggressive defense, a lot of blitzing, a lot of movement and those kinds of things. But these guys are a physical group that will come at you and keep coming at you and keep coming at you. They like to blitz, they like to zone blitz, they like to give you a lot of different looks or blitz packages and try to make you adjust to all those things. It's not only in the passing game; it's also in the running game. We think we've got a good plan and we need to make sure we go out and execute it."

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