Player Quotes for Northern Illinois

With the Northern Illinois Huskies hosting the Broncos on Saturday, the Broncos have a difficult task ahead of them this weekend. Currently ranked #12 in the AP Poll the Huskies provides another stiff test for the Broncos especially on defense. With a strong running game with Michael Turner leading the way and one of the MAC's best quarterbacks in Josh Haldi, Jason Feldpausch and Jack Gitler talk about preparing for the Huskies.

Jason Feldpausch

He talks about being on the field rather than being on the sideline.

"Yeah, it was sickening coming in and sitting watching practice because I normally don't do that. But you get to see another side of things I guess and see what things you can improve on as far as speed wise and ball and reads and stuff like that. Try to make the most of it just getting healthy and it felt good out there."

He talks about picking up stuff while sitting out that he can use when he is in the game.

"Definitely, I can see how the flow of it goes more instead of being in it I can actually see it. I can see it when we are going slow and when we are going fast. So it helps me gauge that to when it comes down to picking up for to practice on."

So is he starting Saturday?


He talks about the Northern Illinois offense.

"They're the type of offense that just first they want to run the ball. Michael Turner is a phenomenal back and they have a great offensive line and they have a good scheme and they are going to hit you deep with the pass. Because they have P.J. Fleck and they have a quarterback Josh Haldi is pretty good. So they have a lot of weapons that you just can't focus on one of them you have to try to stop it all, and that, is a difficult task."

He gives his thoughts on being whether it not it is easier to force the Huskies to go to the pass.

"I don't think it's easier either way because they run and pass about the same and they're good at both so you can't just focus on one because they will beat you with the other."

So basically it's going to be one heck of a game on Saturday?

"I think it will be."

Jack Gitler

He talks about preparing for Northern Illinois.

"Really we are just getting ready for their inside running game. We got a real good running back to go against and a couple of receivers too. As far as the defensive line goes, getting the pass rush going again, getting to the quarterback and being in position to stop the run."

He talks about being able to stop Michael Turner.

"Just pretty much holding our gaps up, you do pretty much the same thing against every team. It's going to be holding your gaps and all the guys across the line and the linebackers will be fit and strong and as long as everyone is in his spot we'll be doing it."

He talks about what the team is doing to address the missed tackles.

"You can't do that. Tackling is the hardest emphasis in practice ever since probably the second week of practice. We've always had a strong emphasis on it but the biggest thing is running their offense and getting used to their offense is kind of rough. But going against Northern they are going to run a lot of power at us so it's going to be pretty much who is going to be tougher. Who is going to stand up and make a tackle or who is going to get run over?"

He gives his thoughts on if it will be easier to contain the Huskies if the Broncos can stop Turner.

"As far as watching film just trying to study them, you look at teams like Ohio who did stop the run, that's when you get a close game. Whoever stops Turner, Ohio had them passing and that's when go back in, you know stepped back a little bit and you realize they had to try different things. But I guess the biggest thing is when we go in and stop Turner and stop the run and make them go to the air, it's going to be a good game."

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