The Crying Towel

Recently Bill Thompson with the Grand Rapids Alumni Club talked to Broncos Illustrated about the WMU/CMU Crying Towel. Bill told us what the Crying Towel is, when and where it is going to take place and he talked about some of the guests that are going to be there.

Thompson talks about the Crying Towel.

"Absolutely, and I am the President of the Grand Rapids Bronco Football Breakfast Club and I am on the committee for the WMU/CMU Crying Towel. We are going to do a Crying Towel on November thirteenth, Thursday night at five thirty between obvious Western and Central. Coach Darnell from Western and Coach DeBord Central are both going to be there along with cheerleaders and small pep bands and it's going to be held at the Peninsular Club in downtown Grand Rapids. It starts at five thirty and goes until about seven or until everybody has finished telling everybody else how well there team is going to do that day, on Saturday. We will have some great prizes to give away and some auctions and it's just going to be a fun time. The cost is twenty dollars; it will be tailgate type food and that kind of an atmosphere. All Bronco and Chippewa fans are welcome to join us."

He explains the Crying Towel a little more.

"The Crying Towel, like Coach Darnell might get up and say, "Oh man, we just haven't got a chance on Saturday. You know their defensive line and linebackers are so tough that we're never going to be able to get our running backs through the holes." It's that kind of thing. I don't know what all they are going to do. But, the guest emcees are going to be Bob Lurtsema who gained fame as Benchwarmer Bob with the Minnesota Vikings, a former football player at Western and Ray Bentley former NFL linebacker who's a Central grad."

Is space limited?

"Our target audience is about two hundred people but if we have three hundred show up we're not going to turn them away. Space is not limited.

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