One on One with Tyson DeVree

Recently we caught up with the Broncos freshman tight end Tyson DeVree. Tyson talked to us about filling in for Tony Scheffler this season and how the season has gone for him so far. He also talks about the attitude of the tight ends and of the team with how the season has gone.

He talks about the season so far.

"The season so far has been a learning experience for me. The tight ends have really taken me under their wings too and trying to teach me. I've got a lot of guys above me that are just trying to help me out and really it's a team thing, a team thing about getting at it."

He talks about filling in for Tony Scheffler.

"Filling in for Tony Scheffler, it's he taught me a lot just watching him before he got injured and he's still teaching me. Now that he's out he's telling me what to do. But sometime when you're in there you are the third or fourth read but you just got to stay with your route. Sometimes it comes to you; sometimes it doesn't you just got to be ready whenever it does, make it happen when it does come to you."

He talks about the attitude of the tight ends through this season.

"It's going to be a lot on the tight ends. They are looking to us to block and run so tight end is a position where you got to do everything. You're not just lineman, you're not blocking, you're not just a receiver receiving, but you got to do it both. You got to do it all."

He talks about the attitude of the team for the rest of the season.

"We made progress today in practice. Everybody, they're coming out with a better attitude so we will see what happens. A better attitude overall, so far we're going at it."

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