Q and A with Chad Feldpausch

Recently Chad Feldpausch took the time to talk to Broncos Illustrated following practice. Chad talked to us about how the season is going, about the expectations he faces being the younger brother of senior Jason Feldpausch and the attitude of the younger athletes on team.

He talks about how the season is going for him.

"Oh, it's going really good. Like at the start I was second or third on the depth chart. I was told that if I just started working my tail off, just keep working hard, maybe I will get a chance and I just kept doing that and then several people getting hurt and then I just stepped in and it's been like that ever since."

He comments on any added pressure of being the younger brother of Jason Feldpausch.

"I'm not really sure. Sometimes it does just because of the expectations I had just what he's been doing up here. They expect what he does and more out of me already and I'm just trying to do what I can do right now. So, I guess we will see in the future what goes down."

He talks about the attitude of the younger student-athletes on the team right now.

"Right now we are just trying to help the team out, know the basics and things like that. Just know our role on the defense and just step in whenever we have a shot too. If someone goes down where we got to go in there we are just trying to do our job, not do too much where we are getting stressed out or anything. Just go and do our job and right now I'm not sure how to say how the season is going. They are just like "because we are really young right now," so we are not expecting to go in on defense at all. We are just trying to help out on special teams."

He talks about being out on the field at the same time as Jason.

"I already have on special teams but on defense it won't happen because we play the same position. So it was pretty cool to go out there at Michigan State and be on the punt team with him."

He comments on things he can improve on this season and over the winter and spring.

"Right now, until the end of this season I'm just trying to work on my techniques with everything else and the knowledge of it just trying to get smarter, learn everything a lot quicker than what I have been. From now until next season I will work on speed, getting bigger, trying to get quicker. Even knowledge even more excess is the most thing we need to work on is just trying to get smarter on for the defense."

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