Q and A with Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson recently talked to us about how the 2003 season is going for him. Anderson talked about working for former Bronco great Jim Klapthor, about becoming a more consistent punter and about how the Seelye Center has helped improve his kicking game as well as the other kickers and punters on the team.

Adam talks about the season he is having.

"I definitely would have to say we have been fortunate this year or I have been fortunate this year. We've had some great weather and I found a couple of things this summer that really helped me out. I basically would probably attribute this season to two things. One was first of all I found God this summer and I established a wonderful relationship with him and it's really just developed from there and I just met some really great people. I've been working out with Coach Klapthor, he used to be an ex punter here, probably the last really good punter that we had here and he showed me a lot of things that I can do differently and told me to relax and things are just going my way."

He talks about the improved consistency from practice to game situations.

"I would have to say that as far as remaining consistent it's been more of a being able to stay calm and the experience over the years I have played all four years here and that's kind of helped me adjust to the situation. I'm not as nervous, I can't say that I don't get nervous but I am not near as nervous as I used to be. I know what I can do and to this year it's just been coming to grips with myself and with everybody else I'm not playing for myself anymore and that's kind of helped me to calm down."

He comments on being able to maintain the same level of enthusiasm.

"Well, it's been the big difference this year. Coming from high school I was a really good linebacker in high school at least in my own eyes. I think what took me three years to adjust to I was one of those people that wanted to get cranked up to punt, wanted to be real emotional out there. It kind of took me two years to adjust to the fact that punting is the only thing that I have left now that I have to maintain a certain level of calmness with myself."

Adam talks about the kickers and punters wanting to make a big hit on a kick or punt returner.

"I would have to say, again it's probably from high school, I miss playing football a whole lot and it's been a long time since I've been able to get some contact because we don't get much to do out here. I think I rub off on the other guys a little bit and I get them cranked up because they are all pretty level headed guys. They come out here and they always tell me how much different I am. In that category I get cranked up for it. I've really enjoyed this year especially taking on a leadership roll and mentoring to the two younger guys this year. Western Michigan has got an unbelievable future ahead of them with these two guys that we've brought in this year Jim Laney and Mike Jones both have great heads on their shoulders. If they can just develop a good work ethic we're going to have great special teams for years to come here."

He talks about how the Seelye Center has helped the punters.

"I think it's been a huge, huge contribution to our program. To be able to work out all winter and not wait for good weather has been just an absolute blessing. It's been an attribute during the season as well when we don't have so much room out here. We've been rotating to go into the Seelye Center and stuff like that. There's a direct reflection right on the field, it's obvious this year. As far as our kicking it has been a little up and down but I think it's a lot better than where it's been in the past and I think it's going to contribute to the future here at Western Michigan as well as far as recruiting too."

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