Coach Darnell Post Game Quotes (BSU)

Following the Broncos 28-20 win over the Ball State Cardinals, Broncos head coach Gary Darnell talked to the media. He talked about it was more important the Broncos didn't lost the game, how banged up the defense is and the performance of Jon Drach at quarterback among other things.

"I think that cracking noise you all hear is my face trying to smile. Truthfully I have a great admiration for the whole Ball State situation, always have, when Bill Lynch was there. I just think they have a real solid approach to how they go about their business. I think Brady (Hoke) is going in there now and doing the exact same thing as far as they're a high energy team and they do everything well. They gave us problems and I don't think you are supposed to walk in the first year and win every game. But, the one thing you are supposed to do your first year is be in every game and I think that is happening. It certainly was the case today and we just had to keep fighting and fighting not to let it get away from us. It's been such a challenge for us to get into the W column that we were struggling, battling, fighting the whole way to try to get that thing on top and keep it there. The bottom line is we played better than we have and I think we got challenged with all the things we can handle. I think Ball State has a great future but I like ours also."

He talks about the team remembering the words to the fight song.

"We sang it. It doesn't always just have to do with football wins its kind of if we have a big event academically or something like that we learn to sing when, but it doesn't have quite the gusto it does after a win like that one today. So we knew the words and had a lot of gusto and that's equally important."

He comments on how big of a win it was for the program.

"I don't think it's such the fact it's a big win as how it would have been a tragic loss to be honest. The win we've got to move on and that's what you are supposed to win. In an established program you are supposed to win some but it would have been really difficult if we had lost. The win is truly it's just the next step, the next step and the next step. The way our schedules are structured each year you have to fight as hard as you can to hold on to where things become a little more equitable as the season goes along. To our players credit and really our seniors the whole bunch has done a good job of hanging in there and hanging in there and knowing full well that some of them had lost their confidence. There's no question, we were struggling and sometimes you just wonder what do you have to do, because of that it is a giant leap for us now as far as how they feel about themselves, how they'll go about their business this next week, these last two weeks. It's truly like a whole different world today so for them right now it's like that onus is off of them right now and I think we are back to business."

Coach Darnell comments on the performance of Jon Drach.

"Last week was virtually the same. He actually had a lot bigger numbers last week but I think he hit 13 in a row today. He hit two, the last two of the first half and his first 11 in a row in the second half, he was 20 of 23 according to the stats I just got. The one thing we've been able to do that I think that Jon has always been good at and why I've always trusted Jon because I think Jon is satisfied to play within his limits. I think when we put him in situations where he has to play outside of his limits I get frustrated with me, I get mad at me. I think there a lot of things that Jon can do and he can do enough things that will take up a full days worth of work without us inventing things for him to try to do. We just take the things that he can do and use them and we can get a good performance at quarterback and so I think that's what he's done these last two weeks."

He talks about naming Drach the starter for the remainder of the season.

"Probably this next week but the one thing I had to do to convince Jon today for sure was that "Jon, you are the quarterback. You are not looking over your shoulder." If we declare him the quarterback this next week he would be told the same thing. We did that for Chad (Munson) and we've done that for Jon and are we getting ready to get into one of those Wally Pipp stories. It may be that way but that's sports, that's life and right now we've got some momentum on offense and Jon's been part of it."

He comments on the team finishing the game without any turnovers.

"That was a pretty severe turnover we had toward the end last week when the game was on the line we just flat laid one on the ground. That kind of stuff burns into you and if you've got a lick of sense at all it permeates to the team that you've got to take care of the ball. Our guys did a good job of that, but then also again it's the types of plays you run. If you are running plays that have a lot of moving parts to it you are probably going to put the ball on the ground some. If you are running passing plays, you are putting them right into the heat of the defense and that sort of thing it's probably going to happen. I think with what we did by being able to move the ball around in the backfield some, first of all that make us put the type of passes that is a little more secure pass to catch. It's hard to have leverage…That's part of it."

He talks about how important it was to be able to run the ball.

"There are two types of running our running back actually had 100 yards so that was good and also Drach had like 43 yards. When you have two people able to run the football at any time that changes everything and the fact that Jon is a guy that can run the ball and we have a few plays that fits his style to run it so that changes everything. What it changes is ball control ideas, possession kind of ideas, everything."

He talks about running up the middle early on.

"It's truly what people do to defend the pass. I used to be proud of this but now I'm ashamed of it but our calls are fairly complex, they have as many as 3 to 5 options to them and so when the option shows up we do it. One of those plays could have easily been a pass had they been a different picture. We try to take advantage of the pictures and when we are hot by and large we just run where you are not. That's what it was more than anything."

He comments on holding Ball State to under 500 yards in the game and the injury situation on defense.

"It's a miracle we did that if we did it. We are beat to smithereens on defense. We didn't have our starting defensive tackle and he was the guy that after we had lost two other defensive tackles. Paul Tithof went out of the game today. Mike Giorgianni showed up with basically his leg in a cast and played with his leg in a cast. We really had two bodies left for linebacker, total. The next guy to be a linebacker would have been one of our defensive ends because that's where we were with that. The irony of it was if they would have softened us a little more on the inside because their little option play and some of their edge play stuff that was actually the last two healthy guys we had left on defense. But, we were decimated on defense."

He talks about being able to hold the Cardinals in the red zone.

"Yeah and depending on styles and all that sort of thing it's been a little bit of a rough year from that stand point. Earlier in the year when we were struggling back there, we had pups back there we're starting a true, true freshmen against pretty good teams down in there. So, those same guys if they're playing now they're still the same guys but they're seven games removed or on down the line. So, they play 4 or 5 games you start to have a little bit of whiskers about you and it changes. I can't give a better example than DeRae Allen. I think he had just one major bust today but that's down from about five a game. When you play out there one is enough but the point being is that even some of those young guys are starting to play a little bit better out there."

He talks about whether or not Ball State did anything special to contain Babin.

"I think they may have pushed their protection towards him a little bit and I think their extra back, the guy who didn't have work, would go hunt him up. Then a couple of time the sprints away from him was effective just enough. Usually he catches the guy from behind but Talmadge was just fast enough to stay a step ahead and the other fellow that came in he's got just a quick enough release to get himself out of trouble."

He comments on the Ball State fumble late in the game.

"It was a fumble when I saw it and I wouldn't watch the replay. The officials said it was and that was good enough for me. I've been on both sides of that one. Actually I thought it was going to be a trap because earlier in the game I really felt like it was an absolute fumble in the first half when Jason Feldpausch made the big hit I truly felt that was without a doubt a catch and a fumble. I just stay frustrated in a game but I certainly am not disrespectful to officiating because what's going on out there and what's happening in college football as far as officiating the styles of offense and the styles of defenses pros is so much simpler calling it than a college game. One week a college guy, he'll be calling a pro style offense, next week he may be calling a wishbone, the next week he may be a power I, it's different every week. You've got standing different plays you got no different things it's really, really hard. In the NFL you can't even run certain formations in the NFL. The NFL is pretty simple when it just comes from my point being is as frustrated as I get from time to time I try to finish my suffering reminding me these guys are being asked to do virtually the impossible out there. You just kind of hope by season's end it evens out."

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