Post Game Player Quotes

Following the Broncos 28-20 win over the Ball State Cardinals the Jon Drach, Phil Reed and Kendrick Mosley talked to the media. They talked about the play of the offense, about getting the win and about the performance Drach put together. Drach also commented about the upcoming rival game against Central Michigan.

Jon Drach

"I'm tired man. This is a long time to be playing football. (Laughing)"

He talks about the offensive performance and how they can build upon that for the rest of the season.

"I think that's how it should always be is no turnovers personally. If we execute right, if we do the things we are taught to do and coach did a great job of teaching it and kept an emphasis the last couple of weeks of not turning the ball over and we stick to what they say it obviously works which they showed that today."

He comments following Reed talking about it feeling good to win.

"Get over that hump a four week drought."

He comments on whether or not they feel that the team is over that hump.

"Yes, I think we've got a little bit of momentum going into next week and with Central this next week so nobody needs to say anything to get up for this game. It's Central, that's all I can really say. I think now it's going in the right direction that's for sure."

He talks about what he thinks brought the team together.

"I think everybody just did their job. Offensive line did a great job, receivers did a great job catching the ball, Phil did a great job running the ball and Coach Rock did a good job calling plays.

He jumps in before the receivers (Mosley and Greg Jennings) can talk about the way he played.

"Hey, it's my job to get these guys the ball and they do all the work. I don't do anything. I just got to get it to them and if I can do that that's fine. They do the hard stuff not me."

He talks about getting the last conversion.

"Yeah, I can get two yards."

Phil Reed

He talks about rushing for over 100 yards.

"It feels good. The line blocked great today. It was good to reach that mark again I've only done it once this season. More importantly it just feels good to win overall."

He comments on what brought the team together.

"You just come to a point where you just get tired of losing."

Kendrick Mosley

He comments on what brought the team together.

"Like they were saying you just get to the point where you are tired of losing but I just saw it in the guy's eyes like the last call today. Usually I really don't say too much before a game, I could just see that each person was eager to get out there and just focus just to go out there and get a win. But when I came up I was like, "hey, it ain't to much to be fearing, let's just go out here and just play ball and let's win." Once I stepped out of the room I knew, I wasn't trying to be cocky or anything but I just knew deep inside me we were going to get a win today. So we just came together as a team and everybody just had fun playing which we were fortunate enough to win the game."

He talked about being able to get by the secondary.

"They was playing us like, we thought we would see a lot of cover 2, but for the most part they was playing us like man-free or cover 3. So we knew if Drach could get us the ball then we were going to have a chance to make a person miss and usually in man coverage you only really have to make one man miss. With the help of the rest of our team throwing blocks downfield we was able to make big plays."

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