Adam Anderson Ball State Quotes

Following the Broncos 28-20 win over the Ball State Cardinals we caught up with Adam Anderson to talk to him about climbing up the record books. He talked about climbing the list for average yards per punt, on being able to get his leg into his kicks and on how the win Saturday affects the attitude of the team.

He comments on climbing up the Bronco record books for punters.

"You know that's something you guys keep track of I really don't ever look at that stuff."

He comments on being fourth on the list for average yard per punt in a game.

"I don't know man. In past years I kind of thought about that stuff going into the season kind of look at that stuff and it was like I feel like I'm that good to be that good. The more I concentrated on that the worse I got and this year was just like I'm going to let that fall where it falls. I try shy away from talking about that kind of stuff and here on by I'm just trying to do my job this year."

He talks about how he gets his leg into his kicks resulting in compliments from fans and members of the media.

"Like I said before, our conditions this year as far as weather have been just phenomenal. It was a little cold today and the ball was a little hard to hit today being a little flat and all. It's just been we've had unbelievable weather, we had no wind today and that helps a lot because punting is all about the drop and if the ball drops level I can hit it."

He talks about how the win affects the attitude of the team.

"You know, (Isac) Bush and I and Rob (Menchinger) having a couple good weeks in a row these last couple of weeks we've still kind of been disappointed. Even having the kind of games that we've been having it's just been a real disappointment to get out there and play so well and not get a win. I was talking to Isac, even though it really wasn't the best day as far as like in the last couple of weeks about how we've been playing it was nice to have a win today and we feel like we were a big part of it"

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