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Recently Broncos Illustrated talked to a few member of the Pride of the MAC, the Western Michigan University Bronco Marching Band. We go their thoughts on how William Pease has affected their lives, what his leaving for Virginia means to them and their thoughts on his final game as the Band Director of one of the finest bands in the country.

Trevor Zielinski (sophomore, Tuba)

He talks about what William Pease means to him and the band.

"Mr. Pease is not only our director and leader, but he's a role model to most of us. He's just a good guy that we can go to and talk to whenever we need something and whenever something is going on that we need someone to talk to he's always there. We can always stop by his office. He's like a parent to most of us."

He talks about Mr. Pease leaving.

"Well, it's definitely a sad time. We hate to see such a fine director leave but at the same time we're excited about getting a new face and getting new ideas behind this and kind of see what we can come up with next year."

He gives us his thoughts on today's football game.

"It's going to be a big game. It's going to be a good show and we're going to have a lot of fun. It's going to be sad because it's going to be the last one but it will be kind of bitter sweet."

He comments on whether or not anything new is going to be show today.

"We don't know. We will have to wait and see."

Paul Stanton (6th year, Drum Major)

He talks about working closely with Mr. Pease.

"Yeah, very close. We have weekly meeting every Monday morning. We talk before and after practice, during practice so we're right in there with him all the time

He shares his thoughts on what Mr. Pease means to him and the band.

"To me he's kind of like that older brother figure. I came in the same year he did and we're leaving the same year so it's kind of a neat experience. Him and I have gotten really close, we'll go out and play basketball after rehearsals on Friday afternoons, then when we are in rehearsals it's business, hard nose, we're ready to go. As soon as rehearsals over lets forget what happened on the field and lets get back to the relationship that we had."

He gives his thought on some of the best shows Mr. Pease has done at Western.

"My favorite one that we ever did was a Latin show from, I believe it was 2001 and I have always wanted to do a Latin show. I'm a former trumpet player so that was kind of the one thing that I've always wanted to do. He always brings hi energy shows. My freshman year we kind of started out, let's test out where the band was and as the band grew it just got more energy and more energy and now it's alright if this doesn't have the energy let's not put it on the field. So it's more about what has the energy than what innovations can we bring out to the marching field. What can get the crowd going?"

He talks about Mr. Pease leaving Western Michigan.

"I think that a lot of members are upset that he's leaving, especially for me he's been a big part of my folds every single year. For over a half of a decade I've been involved with him. But, I think a lot of people are also happy that he's getting an opportunity to start up this brand new marching band. So they're excited for him but at the same time they don't went him to leave because he has done so much for this university and for the band program."

He talks about the difficult task of replacing Mr. Pease.

"It will definitely be tough to replace someone with his energy and for his love for what he does. But I think the university kind of knows the standard that he has set as far as what a director can do with this program and they will take the standard that he set and then want to raise that bar a little bit and bring in someone that can bring in even more possibly. If not, with the same."

He gives us his thought on today's game.

"It's going to be exciting. I couldn't picture any better way to go out than Central/Western game. But, of course it's going to be sad. How many shows have I done over 6 years? Probably 30 shows and of course it's going to be emotional for a lot of people but I'm excited. I'm putting my all into the last few days that I have and so is Mr. Pease. We're ready for it to be over but excited at the same time."

John Phillips (junior, Tuba)

He talks about what Mr. Pease means to him and the band.

"Pease has been like a father to all of us in general. I've never been so happy with a band director in my life. We were all really sad to hear that he was leaving. It was a very touching moment for everyone in the room when he said he was leaving. He's always been on the tuba section because he loves us the most, "Tubas I can't hear you; tubas I can't hear you." finally this year he's like, "Tubas that's what I was looking for." So it's been a good year this year."

He gives us his thought on what Mr. Pease has meant to Western Michigan and Kalamazoo.

"As a band director I don't think anyone has ever been that involved because he has been around the community. Everybody knows him, everybody loves him. He's such a personable guy. I mean if you call on him he will talk to you. He will talk your ear off for about 15 minutes. He's just a wonderful guy to talk to. Anything community that we bring to him he wants to try to get involved."

He talks about the attention Mr. Pease has finally been getting.

"Yeah, I think it's amazing. Especially when he got the front page of the (Kalamazoo) Gazette we were all like, "Holy crap, look it's Mr. Pease." I brought the paper to the sectional and everyone was like, "Oh my gosh, he's on the front page." But, we've always had, I can't remember the name of the columnist, the guy that used to write for the Gazette. I can't think of his name but he always used to talk about us and always compare us to Michigan and we used to get kind of sick of that. But now everyone is starting to realize what a great band we have. We got many, many, many people impressed thanks to Pease."

He comments on what he would tell a potential future member of the Virginia Cavaliers Marching Band.

"You would be really stupid to not join the band. I know he's walking into a resistance down there with that pep band but I hope he does well because he's like the nicest guy I have ever met. I mean unbelievable, unbelievable. I wasn't going to do college marching band but now I'm in, I'm in for life. I'm in for next year and probably until I graduate because of him."

He tells us what he is majoring in.

"I'm an elementary education major."

Is he working towards his Bachelor's or Master's?

"Got to stop at the Bachelor's for now, I can't over qualify myself."

He comments on whether or not anything new will take place during halftime today.

"I'm completely unaware of anything special. Of course I have to say that because I'm on staff. I'm not sure if they are going to do anything but I know they are doing something special for him at the Miller concert which is kind of hush-hush."

He gives us the information on the Miller concert.

"Sunday afternoon. I believe it starts at 3:00."

He gives us his thoughts for today's game.

"Well, if Central's football team plays like their band, it's not even going to be funny."

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