WMU Post Game Quotes

Following the Broncos' 44-21 win over archrival Central Michigan head coach Gary Darnell and several players talked to the media about the win. Read on to find out what Darnell thinks of Jon Drach and what Drach thinks of his "worst throw all season."


"I don't know the exact right statement but one of the things about today's game, and I told Mike DeBord this, man tell your guys they played like what you expect to see in one of these games. We had the upper hand in the game and had a couple chance to really have the upper hand and they wouldn't let it happen. I have a lot of respect for them for doing that."

"Our guys can play really well, and I thought our guys fought really hard and played really well today."

On the 94-yard touchdown play between Jon Drach and Greg Jennings:

"Actually, the actual play the actual receiver caught it, all those things were together. I just don't think anybody thought it would turn out quite that way. The balls [Jennings] catches sometimes amazes me, just throw it up to him because that 40 inch vertical jump he's gonna get it."

On DeBord's comment about telling Jennings to go pro:

"We have quite a few of those [pro scouts] these days and you give them a list of names and automatically they say ‘now Gary what about that #15 guy?' Well he's off limits for a while guys."

On Jon Drach:

"If there's ever a warm and fuzzy about being a coach that one's it. I said before all this started up, this was back in the summer, I said during training camp I told the coaches that ‘Jon Drach will make us a good football team this year if he never even takes a snap.' The reason why is he pushed Chad [Munson] as hard as he could push. Chad had never been pushed that way for a position that way before so the competition was really there.

"Then when we made the decision [for Munson to start] how he handled that gave another piece to the puzzle. The toughest job and the most perfect job is second team quarterback because you are one play from being thrown into the fire and that happened with Jon. You make sure you're prepared and when your time comes you make sure you take advantage of it. Had he not started these last three games here he would have still been a big reason why we won."

On Jason Babin:

"Jason wants it everyday. One game we had him in the hospital that afternoon and he played that night. He's had allergic reaction, a couple of times he's had that, but nobody knows it because he plays the same way. He's only got one speed. Just how Jason plays transcends far beyond what Jason accomplishes."

On the current 3 game win streak against CMU:

"I'll tell you what every one is precious, and you just build on each one. This one's over and you just look forward to next year. That's the reality of our lives, I'll enjoy this one right up until eight o'clock tomorrow morning and then ‘Toledo.'"

On the special teams play:

"That's as big a story as we got. I'm going to add Isaac Bush into that one too because we now have a very respectable kickoff now because we have a guy that gets the ball down to where it's supposed to be. Adam [Anderson] is one of the huge success stories. He had as much ability last year as he has right now, but it wasn't focused it wasn't refined. Adam, his own way of doing it just worked a fine way. It's truly something in competitive athletics that you learn especially the higher level you play you have to learn find a way to compete with an edge. Adam Anderson spent his summer finding an edge."

On the seniors being able to win their last game at home:

"It came too fast. They did what they had to do to get themselves ready to play."

On the personal foul penalties in the game:

"I was within an inch. It is within the head coach's prerogative to stop a game and I was about to stop it and that was because I was disappointed with the officials. That kind of stuff got started and it easily could've gotten out of hand. I was disappointed that there was that kind of stuff going on, at the same there are ways to ease into that at the same time and it wasn't a vicious game out there. I think both sides were trying to do what was right. It also bothers me that that could have been handled differently."

Jason Babin:

"We had a great supporting cast today. The juniors did a great job and the sophomores. Kendrick [Mosley] and Greg [Jennings] and Jon [Drach] played a great game. I give them all the credit."

On trying to stop the CMU running game:

"That was our big goal was to stop the run. We knew if we could stop the running game they'd have to pass and their passing game isn't nearly as good as their running game. Coach Knowles told us in the locker room [during halftime] that they were going to try to reestablish the running game, which obviously they did. They did a good job the second half running the ball. We did all we could to slow it down and I give credit to our offense, they put some points on the board and made Central do some things they didn't want to do like throw the ball down the field."

On breaking Joel Smeenge's records:

"I talked to him before the game and he's an awesome guy and he said ‘best of luck to you.' He wasn't bitter or sour at all today getting inducted into the hall of fame and me having a chance to break his records. He played in the NFL and talked to me a little bit about that kind of stuff. He said ‘you got to go out there and play hard.' It was nice to hear that from him."

Jon Drach:

On the 94-yard touchdown to Jennings:

"That was my worst throw all season. Greg made an unbelievable play; that was an awful throw. The ball went end over end it looked like a punt. Sometimes it's better to be lucky then it is to be good. I put everything I had into that ball too because I was about to get smacked. Sometimes it just slips out of your hand."

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