CMU Post Game Comments

Following their 44-21 defeat, CMU head coach Mike DeBord and freshman running back Jerry Seymour talked about the game and the rivalry to the media. Read on to hear the opponent's point of view.

Jerry Seymour:

On the frustration of not getting back in the game due to turnovers:

"It was real frustrating. It's the senior that you really feel sorry for, it our last game and it's a rival game, the biggest rival game. By me being a freshman I really don't fully understand, it's just another loss on our hands."

On the wet field:

"Actually it was really difficult to cut, because I had never played on that type of turf before. You had to really focus on your steps so it's kind of hard thinking about holding onto the ball and making a cut, but that's no excuse though. We still should've had this game."

Adjustments from the first half to the second half in the running game:

"We kind of opened up the pass so it loosened up on the run in the second half, so that kind of help the running game out. Our first drive down it was kind of easy so [WMU] stacked the front the rest of the first half. After that we tried to open it up with the passing game so it would loosen up on the run. That's basically what we did."

On getting down to the 2-yard line and not making it in the end zone:

"Both times I should have made it in. We still had another down and that one we fumbled kind of hurt us. We still should have bounced back, there's nobody to blame but us."

On the WMU run defense:

"It was real tough. You really can't tell because of the wet of the field, so I really couldn't run like I used to. I was really timid with my cuts today. They came out fired up, we came out fired up, their defense is pretty good, they held strong in this game."

First impressions on this rivalry:

"Me being a freshman I don't really understand, but during the second half I don't know something just clicked in me and just all of a sudden had hatred in me. It's just something that rubs on you. It was a pretty good game, but unfortunately it didn't go our way. The focus now is on next year, really the next three years."

"There was a lot of trash talking, a lot of cheep shots, but that's all football and that's all rivalry. It was a good experience to let me know about this rivalry."

Mike DeBord:

On Jon Drach:

"That's been Drach. I really like him as a quarterback he makes plays. He's a playmaker, and when you talk about playmakers some of the things he did today weren't drawn up. He made that happen and you have to give him a lot of credit with his receivers. He's a heck of a quarterback, I'm glad he's gone."

On Greg Jennings:

"I'm gonna call him and tell him I'm a scout and he should go pro. We'll see how far that goes. He a heck of a football player, we knew about him and obviously being right here local."

On the personal foul penalties:

"Some of the stuff [WMU] had called on them and some of the stuff we had called on us, in a regular game I don't think would have been called. You have to give these officials the credit; they didn't want this thing to get out of hand. They knew the emotions would be high. I didn't see anything that was real flagrant, [the officials] were just trying to not let the guys get it that way. That's the way they called the game, but it happened to both teams."

On Jason Babin:

"I didn't go to Gary Darnell right after the game I went to [Babin]. I told him he was a great football player, I mean great. He's hard to block, he has my respect. He's got a lot of passion for the game. You'll see him get block and he'll take off and make plays. I might come to his graduation. He's a great football player, he's a difference maker out there."

"He's going to get an opportunity [to go pro]. What he does with that opportunity will be left up to him and what kind of scheme he gets into. I know one thing, if they come calling me about him I endorsing him."

On CMU's defensive play:

"We hurt a cornerback and they attacked us there with their passing game. It was really smart on their part to attack it that way. You have to give [WMU] credit, they have good players and those players made plays."

On what went wrong for CMU:

"We had a hard time slowing them down and then I think our mistakes, our turnovers."

On whether the weather made a difference:

"I don't think so, we both had to play on it. They dropped some balls and we dropped a ball when we were running with it. That's just part of it, I don't think it affected either team that much."

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