A Chat With Cheyner

After a recent practice Broncos Illustrated sat down with Bronco Hockey junior Jeremy Cheyne. The right-winger known to his teammates as Cheyner talked about hockey, career goals, his recruitment to WMU, and donkeys.

As of December 4, Cheyne has scored 6 goals and 5 assists for 11 points in 15 games to go along with a +/- of +6. "I got off to the start I wanted to, but I slumped there for a few games. Up in Alaska I talked to the coach and he said that he wanted me to work on being a lot more consistent, and I try to do that day in and day out," said Cheyne. "I'm hoping to get my break here soon."

Cheyne is dedicated to becoming a more complete player. "I came in here as an offensive player, and now my roll is more of a two-way player."

Cheyne is also dedicated to team improvement. He wants to "make it to the Joe [Joe Louis Arena CCHA tournament games] this year, it's been a while. And win the CCHA too." And he has a clear idea of what needs to happen to get there. "I think it's just little things right now. It seems like every game one bad break loses it for us. It's just getting over that little hump and we'll pull it through in these games."

Coming up to the college level of play is a big jump for many players. "It was a big step, it's a lot faster up here, but I think I adjusted well. I played with [WMU captain Dana] Lattery when I was younger so we got used to each other then. Everyone's smaller here, but they skate much better so they hit a lot harder. It took a few years to adjust, but now it's getting good."

Lattery was a big reason why Cheyne choose to attend WMU over such powerhouse programs like Maine and Colorado College as well as CCHA rivals Notre Dame and Alaska-Fairbanks. He also liked the prospect of coming to a bigger school and thought WMU was "the right school and the right league. And with the coaches here it was all good."

WMU alum Mike Bishai was also a big influence for Jeremy. "He's a good friend with one of my good friends from back home, so before I came here he did a lot of talking with me and told me it was a good school to come to."

Cheyne had a big learning experience his freshman year sitting out the second half of the season due to academics. "I think it helped me out personally, and as a player. It taught me that I'm here for school too and not just for hockey. My grades have improved a lot and everything has worked out for the best."

Since then academics have become a big priority. "I realize I only have four years to get [a degree] done in, and I really strive hard to get homework done every day. I'd like to pursue perhaps a masters degree or perhaps law school."

"Right now [grad school and a law degree] is a secondary thing for me to fall back on. Hopefully with my game improving I can take it to the next level, but I always want that to fall back on and I want the grades to get me there. I have been talking to some schools and I'm going to write my GMAT for my master's degree next semester. If hockey doesn't take me to where I want it to go then I'll go back to my education."

To make it to the next level Cheyne wants to work on his endurance to take longer shifts on the ice. Also, "I don't know all aspects o the game yet so I have to learn that more. I have to learn to be more responsible in the defensive zone."

The accounting major also moonlights as a web designer in his spare time. "I've tried to become kind of a web entrepreneur here lately. I build websites in PHP, My SQL, HTML, and ASP.net. My semester off, that's when I learned how to do that stuff."

Fans of Cheyne's web design antics can visit www.DonkeyHockey.com to get a good look at his latest creation. The site is dedicated to WMU hockey and includes player bios, message boards frequented by players, Reid Yantzi's hair, photos, and a feature stories written by Dana Lattery about Mike Jarmuth.

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