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Following the Broncos loss to Purdue earlier this week in front of the largest home crowd of the season senior Lori Crisman and juniors Maria Jillian and Casey Rost talked to the media. They talked about the game, about the fans in attendance and about the game plan they had going into the game as well as the adjustments Purdue made at halftime.

Lori Crisman

She talks about the loss to Purdue.

"It was a tough loss with this being my senior year being that close, being up by thirteen at halftime. Playing the number seven team in the country what can you say, they are going to be ready, they're going to break our zone apart. You know their coach had something ready in the locker room and that's what they did. They stuck Shereka Wright, they sighted Beth Jones and Beth Jones got hot. It's hard to guard Beth Jones and Shereka Wright on the same side of the zone. That's what they did. They were prepared."

She talks about Purdue's game plan of guarding Casey Rost.

"Actually, they came out in a box and one. The first possession we didn't know what they were in. The second possession we came down we were like "okay, they are in a box and one." We still tried to get the ball to Casey but they did an excellent job in covering Casey. Then we still ran our man offenses. We would just confuse our defense on what to run on offense and what our defense was doing we were just thinking about offense and we just couldn't out let them score. I think they scored fourteen points in five minutes. We were just confused. Our offenses are set so it affects our defenses."

She compares last year's home game against North Carolina to the Purdue game this year.

"When a Big Ten team or a really good ACC team comes in here and on our home court we're undefeated. I think we were like 7-0 from last year on our home court we were ready to play and it's just to get up early on a really good team in the second have to come out it's just like "what do we do? We are lost." But, it just sucked. Honestly it stinks because we had them down by thirteen. It's good they are a team like North Carolina."

Maria Jillian

She talks about the similarities of the Purdue game to last season's game against North Carolina.

"It was really similar. A top rated team comes in, we get a huge crowd and I have to say thank you to all the fans that came out because they kept us in that game at the end. It was tough. We were up at halftime, we were up last year and they came out and went on a run."

She talks about coming out on fire in the first half.

"The first half everything was falling, we were feeling good, defense was what brought us in and we were solid on the zone. All the bumps were like everyone was just playing hard, aggressive and our shots were just falling."

She talks about the team shooting 52% for the game against Purdue and not coming away with the win.

"Well, Purdue is a tough team, seventh in the country."

She talks about what makes Purdue so good.

"It's their depth and they have a really good coach. She adjusted to our zone and that's what beat us in the end with their outside shooting from Beth Jones."

She talks about the adjustments she noticed Purdue made.

"They also went into a box and one on Casey. It took us a couple of possessions to figure that out. The flow of the game just changed because they had the momentum in the second half. We came back but it was just up and down in the second half instead of a steady pace like the first half."

She gives her thoughts on the importance of Kate Verseput hitting a three pointer to get some momentum in the first half against Purdue.

"That was very important. Kate is a good shooter, she can shoot the ball and we are always looking for her to take that. That was huge because that put us…all I remember was going crazy when she made that. It's just you get more people involved off the bench which is good for the whole team."

She gives her thoughts on the Broncos getting momentum in the second half against Purdue and then Beth Jones would hit a shot to take the momentum back.

"She played awesome. I give her all the props in the world. We had a hand in her face and she was shooting it right over us. She's a great player."

Casey Rost

She comments about having a hard time getting her shot to go in the second half against Purdue.

"Yeah, that was the box and one and pretty much that took me right out of the offense. I was trying to basically work on penetrating and dishing down low to Kelly (Koerber) or Lori because that's what happens in a box and one. You have to look to distribute the ball more and that's what I tried to do."

She talks about whether or not she was surprised by Purdue's defense.

"I'm not surprised they box and one. They're not the first team that's played that on me. When you got to do what you got to do to stop somebody on offense and they did that so we got to look for our team to step up on our offense end and see what they can do."

She comments on the similarities of the game against Purdue and last season's game against North Carolina.

"It's very similar. We have great fan turnout. We were in the game today. We were beating them, double digits and going into halftime they went on that run and that kind of took the wind out of us and we were never able to recover from that."

She talks a little bit more about the box and one and how it affected her shooting.

"I only took one three point shot today. They were guarding me out on the arc so basically I just tried to penetrate and draw fouls and get lay-ups and I was able to do that and I was…on rebounding today because that is something that I struggle at."

She talks about the play of Purdue's Beth Jones.

"I think she's a fifty percent three point shooter. We knew that coming and so we knew what she was going to do and we had hands up in her face and that's the kind of player she is, she's able to knock down that shot. So you can't take anything away from her for that. Basically we just got to get ourselves better on our zone and work defensively to get ready for Montana."

She comments about the rebounding in the game against Purdue.

"They were in better position and you can only box out so much and they are just able and bigger."

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