One on One with Coach Stewart

We caught up the Broncos women's basketball team's head coach Ron Stewart following the Broncos loss to Purdue earlier this week. Coach Stewart talked to us about the loss to Purdue, how far his team has come after playing three top fifteen programs this season and he talked about getting the same kind of attendance in the MAC season as their was Tuesday at University Arena.

Coach Stewart talks about the Broncos shooting 52% and not coming away with the win in the game against Purdue.

"Well, a tough loss for us. It's good to feel that it's a tough loss. They're one of the top ten teams in the country right now, they only lost to Duke, they're extremely well coached, and they have good players and a Naismith candidate. They have the player of the year candidate and yet Beth Jones is the one that stepped out in the second half and made the threes that I think was really the difference. We made an awfully good charge. Felt like that we were in a real good position at halftime but I think we found out how quick they can come back. That's the way a top ten club is."

He gives us his thoughts on the Broncos performances against the top ranked teams they have had to play and on how far they have come.

"I think without question that this was the best performance we've had against a ranked team and that makes me feel awfully good because we're learning from those experiences. The UConn situation came so early, that was very difficult for us to compete and without enough experience together with this group. The North Carolina one was one where we played awfully well early on knowing exactly what needed to be done but then really their athletes just took over and we really didn't look like ourselves. This game here, I thought we really showed a purpose and looked a lot like our basketball team has to be as we head into the MAC. Looming out there on January 2nd is a game at Montana but probably no one realizes how good Montana is. They're 9-2, they're rated 31st in the RPI and that will definitely go up this week. So without question we're playing a team that's seventh in the country and a team that's thirty or thirty-one in the country and at the end of this week we will definitely have the toughest schedule in the Valley."

He talks about the MAC season that gets started this week when the Broncos host Northern Illinois on Wednesday at University Arena.

"Well, that's exactly what it is. We go to Montana, we have to make sure that we have our legs and we're rested when we come back ready to play Northern Illinois and Buffalo here those two nights when we get back. So it's a very big week for us. Classes start on Monday, we play on Wednesday and Saturday. I just can't say enough about the crowd that we had here tonight. Women's basketball has just not seen the support that we saw here tonight and yeah Purdue had a few folks here, they have a following but it was just special for all of us to see that and if we can have just a little bit of that to carry over into the MAC season, I think we're all in for a fun time."

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