Coach Culhane Alaska Fairbanks Quotes

Western Michigan University's hockey teams' head coach Jim Culhane talked to the press following the Broncos wins over the University of Alaska Fairbanks Nanooks this past weekend. He talked about the Broncos playing hard and not quitting, about the Broncos running into some hot goaltending and about the play of several of the student-athletes on the team.

He talks about the game on Friday being well played.

"I think so. I agree. I think both teams played really hard. It was in my opinion probably playoff type atmosphere here in the building to night with the effort by both teams and obviously on our part as a team and as a program we're please about getting two points."

He talks about withstanding the pressure Fairbanks provided in the first ten minutes of the game before the Broncos took over the play.

"Well I think initially I think we played a little tentative and a little tight and then I think as the game we got to get more and more guys involved I thought we did a better job of not turning the puck over. I think we turned the puck over a lot in the first ten minutes. Then we seemed to settle down. Got some shifts going where we made better decisions with the puck, got some good scoring opportunities and then from there I felt we played better throughout the course of the game. But I agree with that. I thought the first ten minutes was a little maybe a little anxiety in our part, whatever, I'm not sure but we didn't make good decisions with the puck initially."

He talks about the goal by Jeremy Cheyne.

"Yeah, it's a big goal it really is. That line they got the goal to go up by two and I just try to reinforce to stay positive on the bench. "Just stay patient, keep doing the things we're asking you to do and one of our lines will get one." That helped us gain some momentum and then you tie it and then you get the two by Dwyer."

He talks about the back-to-back goals.

"Yeah, the two there bang-bang and he calls his timeout and what we talked about was doing puck possession just cycle, cycle, cycle and trying to it to the net."

He comments on the goal by Ryan Mahrle.

"Well we just missed one by (Paul) Szczechura. How he doesn't score there its wide open on the back door with a nice pass by Jeremy and then it gets back to Ryan. He's an interesting young lad. For a freshman he just shows so much composure with the puck and I know if that was me back there my panic button was a lot quicker than his is and his is just he doesn't really get fazed at all. He usually makes good plays and he made a good play by getting it to the net."

He talks about the Broncos running into some tough goaltenders.

"He (Keith Bartusch) played well. Give Bartusch a lot credit, he played really well only giving up the two goals and he's coming off a shutout with his game last week at Ferris State. He was solid and you're right, we ran into it last weekend and we ran into it again tonight."

He looked ahead to Saturday's game.

"We will enjoy this one for now and then we will get regrouped tomorrow morning and get refocused for another exciting game."

He talks about the start of Saturday's game against Fairbanks.

"It just seemed bang-bang were down right away but give them credit next door I just think that even with the horrible start we were able to stick together and persevere and fight through that adversity. I think it tells a lot about what we have next door in the sense of just trying to put those things behind you and then just trying to look forward and battle back end up having the chance to battle back. So it was a good effort by both teams."

He talks about the second period being a lot like the second period of Friday's game.

"Well, goaltending in this league is fantastic and Preston McKay played a tremendous game. We just kept trying to throw as many things at the net as we could trying to find a way to get some goals. It just seems the last couple of weeks here we're just getting in front of a hot goaltending and it just seemed like anything that we did wrong ended up in our net and then anything at the other end we just couldn't end up buying a goal. Fortunately into the third period it turned in our favor."

He comments on the play of his team in the third period of Saturday's game.

"He did and just get rewarded. We talked about at the end of the day you would like to think that you are going to get rewarded for hard work. There's no guarantee in life or in hockey or in anything you do that you are but that's all we can ask of them and they've been doing that for us. Lake State we weren't rewarded, we got one out of the four points, tonight for their efforts on the weekend they were rewarded for their hard work."

He talks about the face off win by Vince Bellissimo to set up the goal by Mike Jarmuth.

"Yeah, it was we had a chance to kind of draw something up there and it was a nice play by Vince to win the draw and then the poise by the senior Jarmuth to walk across to get it to the net."

He comments on contributions from different players on the team.

"Lucas, Dana (Lattery), Paul Davies getting the game winner tonight and Pat, Pat Dwyer played a great weekend for us, Jarmuth on the blue line I think that we are getting a lot of contributions from a lot of people and they've been having a lot of fun with it next door."

He comments on the last goal when the net came off its moorings.

"No I didn't (did he see it?), I didn't, I didn't even know it was in until the guys were jumping on me and I didn't see it."

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