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Following the Western Michigan University Broncos hockey team victories over UAF last weekend Pat Dwyer, Paul Davies and Lucas Drake talk to the media. They talked about the games against UAF including Dwyer and Davies talking about the goals they scored, also about facing solid goaltending in the CCHA as well as the team coming together and picking up their confidence.

Pat Dwyer

He talks about his first goal on Friday

"We were just throwing it on net. The goalie at the beginning of the game was getting kind of lucky we figured keep getting shots on him and he's going to start letting stuff in so I kind of threw it on net and it found its way in."

He talks about getting frustrated with the puck having a hard time finding the pack of the net.

"Yeah, it is frustrating but I think tonight on the bench we really came together as a team. As best we've been as a team on the bench all year and I like what I saw. Obviously the guys didn't want to lose."

He talks about the back-to-back goals.

"Yeah, it helped. Just stuck to our game plan and stuff started going our way."

He talks about the attitude of the team following Ryan Mahrle's goal.

"Oh yeah, obviously it was a huge lift for us. We got it and we knew the goalie was pretty shaky once we started getting shots on stuff was going to start going in so we just kept to our game plan."

He talks about the way the game was played and if more games in the CCHA can be played like that.

"Yeah, I think a lot of our games are like this though. I think a lot of our games are physical but it was just two good teams going at it."

Paul Davies

He talks about his game winning goal on Saturday.

"Well it was a pretty simple play I guess. I just drove the net and Lucas (Drake) tried to make a play over to me and basically it just bounced off of me. I wish I could say it was a little prettier than it was but a game winner in a type of game like that anyway it goes in we're going to take it."

He talks about UAF tiring in the third period.

"Aside from the start we had we took the play to them most of the game then the way we play with our cycling and keeping the puck down low it wears teams out. No matter which way you look at it over sixty minutes that's going to tire guys out and it showed last night and it showed again tonight we were a stronger team in the third period."

He talks about the team's attitude following the second goal in the first minute of the game.

"I guess we've been notorious for having those types of nights on a Saturday night but I think we've turned the corner in the locker room. Guys are confident in each other and we kind of have a feeling that when you give us minus thirty seconds of the game two goals is nothing for a team with our offensive ability."

Lucas Drake

He talks about dominating about forty minutes of the hockey game.

"This team is on a roll right now. Last week we only get one point out of four up at Lake State. Their goalie plays really well and we out shoot them two to one. We come out here worse, Coach said don't get down boys we're generating enough chances to score right now and we were and finally they start going in, in the third period we can't wait that long though."

He comments on suddenly becoming a third period team.

"We have a lot of guys going right now. Like you said the cycle we work on that every week in practice and right now we got lines that are clicking and we're scoring goals but we're getting it from everywhere. If we do that and we play good defense like we are we're going to win some hockey game."

He talks about how UAF played with the two goal lead in the third period.

"I don't think they sat back because that's their third game in a row they've blew in the third period I don't know if they did get up at Ferris too. I don't think they sat back any I think we just came at them when we were playing like we did the whole game. We were generating offense and we piled a few there."

He talks about taking the game on the road again.

"I think from last weekend up at Lake State we played well. We play well on the road so hopefully we can take that experience up there and build from that and go from there."

He talks about being able to run into a goalie that isn't a brick wall.

"Yeah, that would be nice but we got to find ways to score goals. I mean we got so many snipers on this team so we shouldn't have any goalie stand on his head against us."

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