Winston Weighing Options

Western Michigan currently has three standout players from Lansing Sexton high school and they are looking to add one more in LB/FB prospect Marcus Winston. Winston is working through finals this week and says he is close to a decision. We have the finalists and his thoughts on where he may be leaning.

What schools are you considering as of now?
Northern Illinois, Illinois, Iowa, UCLA, San Jose State and Western Michigan

Do you have an offer from all six?

What schools have you visited thus far?
I've visted Northern Illinois, Illinois and Western Michigan.

Do you plan to take any visits to the others?
No, I think I'm done and will make a decision based on where I've already been.

Does any school lead over the others?
No, I'd say they are all even.

What is your target date for a decision?
I plan to announce it after this week. I'm studying for finals now and after that is over with I'll decide. I'll sit down with my family and we'll see what is best for me.

What factor(s) go into your decision?
I'm just looking for the best chance for me to play and what is best for my education and also a school that has my major.

What do you plan to major in?

Does it help that Western Michigan has several players from your old high school on their roster now?
Yes, I know Brian Jackson the best and I think he tells me whatever is best for me. I think that helps a lot in my decision. He has a first hand look at what is going on and it is good to hear those things from someone you trust. Brian has been a big positive. He told me going to Western was the best decision he could have made. With everything all the schools and coaches tell me I trust him to tell me what to believe.

Who is recruiting you from Western Michigan?
Tony Kimbrough. He is a real cool guy and he cuts right to the chase when I talk to him. I like that. He played with my high school coach at Western.

What role does your coach have in your decision? Does he recommend one school over others?
He pretty much tells me the truth about everything and doesn't push me to one school or another. He is pretty open and just wants what is best for me.

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