Ledbetter Discusses Commitment

WR Brandon Ledbetter visited Western Michigan University on January 9th and shortly thereafter (1/18) he committed to head coach Gary Darnell. We caught up with him for the latest on his decision.

Who are the schools you considered at the end?
Western Michigan and Pittsburgh.

Did you have an offer from both schools?
Pitt didn't offer but even if they did I felt like Western Michigan was the place for me. I just really fit in well there I think.

Who was your host for your visit to WMU?
Tony Scheffler.

What coach has recruited you from the Broncos?
Coach Rock.

What are you at now for height and weight?
I'm about 6-5 and 200 pounds.

Are you a full academic qualifier?
Yes, I got a 900 on the SAT and have a 2.5 GPA so I'm fine.

Any stats from your senior year?
I had like 570 yards receiving on 23 catches and nine of them were touchdowns.

What do you plan to study at Western Michigan?
I'd like to get into computers in some way. Something with computer hardware.

What are your goals for this offseason leading up to fall camp?
I'd like to get bigger, stronger and faster. I'd like to get to about 225 pounds and get my 40 down to a 4.5 from a 4.6. I'd like to play this fall if I can instead of redshirting.

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