Mark Hardy Q&A

Redshirt senior Mark Hardy enters the 2004 season as the starter at the WIP position. With three new coaches on the defensive side of the ball, spring camp will be interesting and we caught up with him to get his goals for himself and the team this spring.

What is your current height and weight?
I'm 6-2 and weigh 197 right now.

How has the offseason gone for you?
We are just finishing CHAMPS and next Tuesday we start spring camp and I'm ready to go. Coach Vezeau has really gotten us ready for spring camp. I had a little trouble with my shoulder last fall but it is feeling good and I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.

Is the shoulder 100% now?
I wouldn't say 100% but it is coming along real well. I'll be involved in contact drills this spring and everything but I'm still getting it back to 100%.

What are your personal goals for this spring?
I basically want to get through it and stay healthy and have one of the starting spots. I really want to work on my man coverage more than anything. I'm also going to spend the entire summer getting stronger and I'll start that in the spring as well. I just want to do the bets I can to understand the defense and play my position.

Who do you see stepping up this year among the younger players?
Honestly I think as a team we are doing so well it is tough to pick out one or two guys. I think they are all progressing very well and as a team things are looking real good.

What is it going to take to turn things around this season?
I think we have to come together as a team as we have the talent to do a lot better and we know it. We have put the responsibility on ourselves to lean on each other and make sure we get this program back to where it should be. Once we all buy into the same concept we are going to be successful and I think we are moving in that direction. I have a really good feeling about where we are going.

Does it make it tougher to maintain the continuity on defense after losing another three coaches this offseason?
Actually I think it makes us closer as a team and more cohesive. We have to rely on each other as players due to the changes and I think that is a positive. I really love this coaching staff right now. We have a bunch of young coaches that like to work and they are very easy to relate to as a player. I'm not sure about the X's and O's yet but as people they are the best staff I've been around in my time here.

What is your schedule for graduation?
I have one class remaining after this semester.

What will your degree be in?

What are your goals and plans once you leave Western Michigan University?
I plan to enter the Air Force. I'm in the process of applying for all of that now. I'm going to a fighter pilot. That's my plan for as soon as I graduate.

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