Adam Anderson Q&A

At 6-0 and 195 pounds senior Adam Anderson returns as the Broncos starting punter after a very successful 2003 season. Anderson averaged an outstanding 43.9 yards per punt and was able to land 20 inside the opponent's 20-yard line. He hopes to improve in 2004 and he talks about the one key that turned his game around.

What are your overall thoughts coming in to spring camp?
I really see the attitude of the team changing. I think the new coaches we have coming in here are awesome. They are all fitting in very nicely and I also think moving J.C. Harper to Defensive Coordinator is huge. I think they are energetic and credible and the guys are really responding to them. We're having a lot of gun out there and the new guys are filled with encouragement. I just think it is something different than we have had, there is a lot of synergy out there now. I think a lot of guys really enjoyed Champs this year where it may have seemed like work before.

Do you see a change in the team morale where the players are ready to step up and turn things around this year?
Yes, things are coming into place this spring. Coach Darnell has had a different senior get up and talk every day after Champs and it wasn't planned or anything and the overall message was that all of us came here to win and none of us have. We came here to win and we have the talent to win, I just think we lacked leadership at key positions. I think the cornerbacks will have another year under their belt, which will help a lot and at linebacker we are going to be very good.

What changes did you make before last season that you attribute your success and did you tweak anything this offseason?
Honestly the only difference I changed is that I had an experience with God. I know that is a played up response but it is true. I really stopped worrying about things and what happened was going to happen for a reason. I really felt there was a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders and I obviously enjoyed a lot of success last season from it. When I first came here it was very tough as I was just punting and in high school I was a full time position player too. Once I relaxed I did so much better. Jim Klapthor used to punt here and he helped me a lot in my punting last year. At the end of practice I would end it with a game situation punt and that punt would sum up my day. If I had a bad day punting that one punt could allow me to have a positive day. Punting boils down to whether or not you can do it when it is time. When I got into games last season I felt as if I had already been there from the game situations I was putting myself in during practice.

Who are some players you expect to really make an impact this season?
Scott Robinson definitely. I think some freshmen will also have a chance to show their faces but Scott for sure and Paul Tithof at linebacker. He's going to be one of the bets we've had here. I also think Paul Moersch is going to do well and Chad Feldpausch will be a good one on special teams.

What are your goals this season to hopefully enable you to continue playing at the next level?
I really need to improve a lot on what I did last year. I think a lot of people don't understand hoe limited the opportunities at kicking and punting there are in the NFL. You have guys that stay there 15 or 20 years. There may be two or three guys come out that really get a chance out of college. My main goal is to win the Ray Guy Award. The guy from Ohio State that won it last year actually had a shorter average than I had but he had like 34 punts downed inside the 20. That is amazing. I had a good year with 20 but to get to the next level I think I really need to improve on getting my punts down inside the 20 this season.

What are your plans after this season?
I'll be graduating with a Physical Education degree but I doubt I'll get into teaching. I plan to go and work for a commercial advertising agency in Detroit. It is an advertising and promotion position and it sounds like a lot of fun and they have made me a great offer.

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