Aaron Kennedy Q&A

At 6-1 and 230 pounds, sophomore Aaron Kennedy is ready to make his mark at defensive end for the Broncos. He has some aggressive goals for both himself and the team and he discussed them along with other topics with us.

What did you do personally to get ready for spring camp?
I think I have a better rapport with my teammates and stuff like that you know. The school that I come from we believe in family. I believe that you really can't have success when everyone has their own agenda. We just need to get to a point where we all trust each other and you're not trying to figure out what other people are doing. If I come in and try to correct someone they'll be like "who are you?" but if I have a good relationship with my teammates they'll be more receptive to me I think. That is one thing I'm working on. I'm just trying to find my niche out there. I'm just going out there and giving it my best because you never know when your last day to play ball is. I look at a lot of my friends and they no longer play ball. Some due to injuries and other their time was up so I'm just going to go out there and leave it all on the field now that it is my time. That includes the weight room, practice, class room everything.

Anything specific you've worked on in the weight room and with the trainers this offseason?
I'm working on my steps and getting them down. I wasn't too good at coming off the corner so I've worked on that and weight room wise I just want to build my squat up. they are my strength and then my chest and arms I have improved every year. I'm benching 335 and squatting over 600 right now.

Who are some players you think are taking it to the next level this offseason?
Paul Tithof and Anthony Bellmonte. They are always in the weight room it seems and I've seen a real competitive edge out of Anthony Bellmonte. No matter what the drill is he has a good attitude about it. We could be tying our shoes and he'd be really into it. The coaches have been real good at stressing us to out do what others are doing. They've really stressed that to us. I see a lot in Ernest Osborne. They really challenged him in Champs this year. He was actually running with the receivers, which is amazing.

What are your goals for yourself this upcoming season?
I want to establish a new identity. I want to make everybody to forget about last year. Whatever I need to do to establish a new identity for this team I will do. I want to bring us to a championship level and I cannot necessarily make everyone play at a certain level but it has to start with one person and I come from a program that plays at a championship level like I said and what we had there I think we can do here. You could have been the President of the United States or God and came into that room and told us we were going to lose and we would not lose the game. I want that kind of confidence in my team. I want teams to come into our house and I want people to believe on this team that we can beat anyone. We are very blessed to be in this position to be able to play football, not everyone has that option. I want people to realize that and bring the passion to the field. I just want to help us be the most feared defense around.

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