Ryan Cubit Q & A

He followed his father to Rutgers; he started at Quarterback as a freshman in 2001, and started only 4 games on a 1-11 team in 2002. Since then he has transferred to WMU, sat out a NCAA mandated year off, and now finds himself in spring drills at WMU in the midst of a tight battle for the starting job for the Broncos. Read on to find out what Cubit thinks of the team, the race for the starting job, and who he thinks will step up this fall.

How does the team look like it's shaping up this spring?

I think we're headed in a real positive direction right now. We just started practice this past Tuesday and everyone's real excited about what going on right now. We got a lot of competition at a lot of different positions and everyone's just out there competing at a real high level right now, and I think that's good for us to get us in the direction we want to go. Enthusiasm is at a high level which we're trying to get at. The whole team chemistry thing too, it just seems like it's there now. It seems like everyone's trying to pull for each other to get us where we're going.

How do you see the quarterback race shaping up?

It's going good. We've got a lot of talented quarterbacks right now; we've got 5 or 6 right now that can play at this level. It's actually good to have that competition there because it makes you better. We've got 3 guys that could have the job and you have to go out everyday and try to beat them.

Who's impressed you so far this spring?

Offensively Greg Jennings is obviously a standout guy there. Offensively we've got a lot of go-to guys out there. We've got two tight ends that could play anywhere; they're the real deal. We've got four wide outs that are legit too. Trovon Riley is stepping up at running back as well. On the offensive line we've got a lot of depth as well, we feel real confident in them. Defensively we've got some talent out there as well; we've got Jack Gitler coming out there as a senior at defensive end, we've got a lot of good guys on the D line right now, we've got a lot of experience there.

What do you think this team needs to do to make the jump from just under .500 to competing for a title?

The talent's there right now. We just need to play with passion and play at an extra level in everything we do. We had a lot of talent last year and the year before, but we didn't play as a team with good team chemistry. We need to go to the next level in everything we do to get where we need to be. Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and get where we want to be and that's a MAC championship.

How have workouts in the weight room been going since the end of last season?

We've been working real hard in the weight room. We just got done with our CHAMPS program which is our winter conditioning thing, and it's gone about as well as it could've went. Everyone's been working their tail off and getting ready for the spring, staying after the workout is done to get extra work in and get better.

What do you plan to do this summer to compete for the starting job?

The biggest thing in the summer is throwing with the wide outs and getting the timing down. That's the biggest thing for an offense and quarterbacks as well. I'll be here all summer throwing with those guys and getting the timing down. If you're here all summer with the guys you get that extra team chemistry so when you come into camp you're not seeing guys for the first time in a few months.

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