Trovon Riley Q&A

As a 5'11", 212 lbs. junior running back from Kankakee, Ill, Trovon Riley is confident that he is ready to be the top running back on this fall's Bronco squad. Following a season with Phil Reed as starter, and an off-field related injury, Riley has been with the first team offense all spring and is ready to fulfill the potential he showed as a highly regarded high school prospect.

How did winter conditioning go for you?

Everybody was hot -- we killed it. Nothing too major, nothing too hard, we came out with a new attitude said ‘we got to come out and do this.' Everybody came out with the work ethic and the attitude of a stallion. I worked hard, everyone worked hard, that's how it went.

What's your current 40-yard time?

Last time I clocked a 40 it was a 4.42.

How do you feel spring football has been going so far?

Solid. The biggest thing I've been trying to work on is my pass protection. Picking up blitzes, picking up ends, that's that part I feel the running back crew as a whole has to work on so that's what we've been working on so far.

What's it like stepping into a role on the first team offense?

To be honest this is what I've been waiting for. I don't feel like I've got big shoes to fill because I've been wanting this for a long time. I'm excited about it.

Who around you do you feel has stepped up this spring?

Tony Scheffler, Greg Jennings, Ryan Cubit, Blayne Baggett. The offensive line in general has stepped up.

How do you feel about the quarterback race so far?

Both of them [Cubit and Baggett] are doing a good job, I don't know who's going to squeak it out. That's up to the coaches, but as far as I'm concerned both of them are doing a good job; I can't complain. This is a spread offense and they spread it around and it doesn't matter to me because I'm going to get the ball anyway.

What are your plans this summer?

I'm going to stay here for the whole summer. Do some school to get ahead. Be with the team to build our bond like we've never had it before.

What are your expectations for this fall?

MAC Championship and a bowl appearance. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

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