Aerial Attack Highlights Final Scrimmage

Remember last season when the big play offense, especially long passes to fast skilled receivers, highlighted Bronco football games? If you were one of the dozens of family and fans in attendance of Thursday's final scrimmage that big play offense would have been hard to forget.

Thursday's scrimmage was a battle between the offense and the defense. Score was kept by head coach Gary Darnell announcing anywhere between 1 and 4 points to either the offense or defense for a good play.

In the end the defense won on an interception by John Cresto forcing the offense to do push-ups while the defense stood and watched. However, how they got to that point was far more exciting.

Senior Tyrone Walker caught 2 touchdown passes, Greg Jennings caught 1 of his own, and Osborn Curtis on the third team offense caught a pair for touchdowns one each from Alex Engram and walk-on Charley Molnar.

Blayne Baggett was the quarterback of note as he completed most of the touchdown passes including an 50-yarder to tight end Tyson DeVree. Ryan Cubit also threw a touchdown pass, but was on the field for a pair of interceptions by safety Oseloka Keys (now wearing #19).

Also having good scrimmages were tight ends Tony Scheffler and Mike Kempinski who both caught a couple of long passes each.

Receivers weren't the only players responsible for the big play offense during the scrimmage. Trovon Riley broke free for a pair of long runs including one for a touchdown. Most of Riley's runs were for about 5 yards each while rarely being tackled for a loss. Daniel Marks showed some good moves in a long run where he broke free from several attempted tackles.

Nic Saad and Tommy Duffy both ran well with the third team offense. Both had solid performances and will be part of a bright future at the running back position.

The offensive line offered decent pass protection and was able to open up some holes for the running game to get going. The line does still need to knock some rust out however as several defenders were able to find there way back field throughout the afternoon.

Jennings, Walker and Justin LeMay all saw time on punt returns during the scrimmage, however all punt returns were called a fair catch with no returns for yardage. Next fall Jennings is expected to be the top punt returnee while Walker is expected to be the top kickoff returnee.

Adam Anderson and Jim Laney split time on punts with Anderson, with few exceptions, nailing kicks over 45 yards including a pair that were downed inside the 10 yard line. Laney showed he will be a capable backup with several kicks over 40 yards.

Robert Menchinger kicked all PATs and was successful on each attempt. Nate Meyer and Mike Jones took most of the field goal attempts to gain experience and both were inconsistent throughout the afternoon. Menchinger is expected to fulfill field goal duties this fall.

On defense Jack Gitler had a strong day with several tackles on the afternoon, including a sack. Derek Szafranski had a sack on a safety blitz, and Greg Bryant had a couple tackles for a loss.

The biggest highlight for the defense came when Mike Giorgianni recovered a fumble and ran the ball back for a touchdown.

In the recent article on the depth of the football team Darryl McFadden was not listed because he didn't play much the days observed, but he did play a good share of time on the second team at linebacker as Paul Tithof and Josh Behrens split time between first and second teams. Also Anthony Belmonte was inadvertently left off the aforementioned article but he is spending time on the second team at a variety of positions like: defensive tackle, defensive end and linebacker.

Overall the final scrimmage of the spring was a good showcase of the talent fans can look forward to seeing this fall. The bulk of the team is expecting to stay on campus for the summer to workout together and build team chemistry.

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