Tyson DeVree Q&A

Due to the injury of tight end Tony Scheffler, Tyson DeVree saw playing time the first game of last season as a true freshman. Now the Hudsonville native, who choose WMU over Penn State, Purdue, Indiana and Toledo, is excited about this spring's drills and getting the season going next fall.

How exciting was it for you to play as a true freshman?

It was really exciting coming out and playing. It wasn't expected at first but I had to step up and get the job done. Coming into this season it gives me that much more of an edge, and experience coming in here.

How do you feel about the 2 tight ends sets that have been run this spring with you and Tony Scheffler?

That's our best combination when we got both of us out there. I don't think a defense can match up to us when were both out there.

Did you learn a lot from Scheffler last season?

Definately. Just learning routes from him, learning everything from him. And competition, the competition between us raises both of our play.

How do you feel spring drills have gone?

This is my first spring ball experience and I like it. I can't wait for the season to come now.

How did winter conditioning go for you?

Winter conditioning went well. That's when the team seemed to really come together.

Do you have a recent 40-yard time?

I don't. I had a concussion last time we clocked our 40s. I didn't get to test it. The last time I did have one it was about 4.65.

What young players do you see stepping up this spring?

Brian Jackson is one of them; he's going to be key for us in the future. There's a lot of guys around us, we got pretty much a young team stepping up. There's just a lot of talent. The quarterbacks we have for us, both Ryan Cubit and Blayne Baggett, both of them can get the job done for us.

What are your plans for the summer?

I'll be here in Kalamazoo working out with the team. I'm going to work out and try to gain weight and speed.

Do you feel the bulk of the team is staying for the summer?

I think that's the plan. Hopefully we get together and mesh together a little bit.

What are your expectations for next fall?

Take it one game at a time. Win the first game and see how it goes from there.

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