Blayne Baggett Q&A

After spending the past two seasons as the #3 quarterback Blayne Baggett now finds himself in a heated battle with Ryan Cubit for the top job under center. Read on to find out what Baggett thinks of the race for the starting job and what the team is doing over the summer to get ready for the season.

How do you feel about the quarterback battle going on between you and Ryan Cubit?

We're both talented guys, obviously [Cubit] coming from the Big East and everything; he's a talented guy. He's got a lot of experience coming in, and going into spring [practice] it was a battle. Coming this fall we're just going to continue doing what we're doing.

What do you feel you need to improve in your own game to win the starting job?

I think the understanding of the game and what the coaches want out of the offense I think is the big thing, and that just comes with more snaps.

Do you feel like you learned anything to help you watching Jon Drach and Chad Munson from the sidelines last season?

I think other then actually doing it, watching it is the biggest thing as far as learning. Watching two guys like that, who combined to throw for almost 4000 yards last year, you're bound to learn something from that.

What kind of differences can fans expect to see this fall compared to last season?

I think that our offense is going to be a little bit different because Tony Scheffler is coming back and the emergence of Tyson DeVree. I think we're going to see a lot more two tight end sets and things kind of like that.

What are your plans over the summer?

I've been on campus. We had a team meeting about a week and a half after classes got out. We get together about 2 or 3 days a week where we're running and throwing. Either this week or next week we have another team meeting, and because of a rules change in the NCAA the coaches can't be with us all summer like they were last year, so we have another team meeting so we can start stuff with [strength and conditioning coach] Bob Vezeau.

What specific kinds of workout are you doing without the coaches there?

We've been doing the same kinds of thing as we always do. It's just a matter of taking charge and doing what we have to do. You don't ever want run the stadium stairs, but you have to do it; you don't want to be out there throwing for 2 hours but I think the hard work will pay off.

Where is the team doing most of the workouts?

We've been lucky because there's been some really good weather and we've been able to be outside in Waldo Stadium.

What younger players do you feel are really stepping up their game?

I think as far as this summer goes with me, I think Brian Jackson and Tyson DeVree have really been stepping up. They've been calling me all the time to get out there throwing.

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