One on One with Tony Scheffler

Earlier this week redshirt junior tight end Tony Scheffler took a few minutes to talk with Broncos Illustrated. He talked about the job sophomore Tyson DeVree did filling in for him last season after his injury in the first game of the season. He also talked about him and DeVree being two of the best tight ends in the MAC and about staying in town over the summer and taking yoga classes.

He talks about this season's group of tight ends and talks about the performance of Tyson DeVree last season in his absence.

"For Tyson to step in and perform the way he did was pretty remarkable. As a true freshman he wasn't really expected to play that much. I went down and he stepped in and did a great job. It just goes to show our coaching staff that everyone's prepared and ready to play because you don't know what's going to happen. As far as this year goes with that now we've got, as far as I'm concerned, two of the best tight ends in the MAC and throw us both out there on the field and I think defenses are going to have trouble."

Scheffler talks about the effect that using both DeVree and himself at the same time will have on opposing defenses.

"I think so. With my speed and his speed combined I think the linebackers and pretty much all of the secondaries are going to have to respect that and I would assume that would open up the run more. Plus we've got (Greg) Jennings and Ty Walker. We've got a lot of weapons so when you throw in Trovon (Riley) and Daniel Marks you give a lot of defenses some fits."

He talks about DeVree and his abilities to be reliable targets on second or third and long situations.

"That's another thing. Him and I could almost be possession type receivers where like third and short or even mid-range. With our bodies on like a safety which is going to be five-nine, five-ten the odds are good that one of us is going to be open and going to come down with a first down. It's looking good."

He talks about what he did over the summer.

"I was in town the whole summer. Most of us, me and Tyson were in town basically the whole summer working out doing a lot of speed work trying to get faster while trying to maintain our weight. I'm up to about 248 right now. So we did a lot of speed work. We even did a lot of yoga on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to increase flexibility because they have really been stressing flexibility and speed. A lot of speed work basically this summer."

He talks about being back on campus getting ready for the start of the football season.

"I'm raring to go. It's too long for me. Well spring practice but actually with game-type situations coming up in less than a month I'm chomping at the bit. I just got to say it was a long season I had to sit out the whole year. I'm ready to go."

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