One on One with Trovon Riley

Redshirt junior running back Trovon Riley sat down with Broncos Illustrated earlier this week and talked about coming back this season after dealing with an injury last season that limited his playing time. He also talked about his summer workout and taking a more active leadership role for the Broncos.

Riley talks about coming back this season after being hobbled with an injury through most of last season and getting ready for the 2004 season.

"To tell you the truth I'm real excited to get back into the action. I had a minor setback but despite that setback as always put forth with good effort and hard work in the off-season with the help of the trainers and everybody else I've been able to get myself back even better than what I've been before. It's all in the matter of what I'm focusing on now which is staying in the weight room during the whole camp. That's one mistake that I have made in the past that I didn't do. That's one thing I am going to try to focus on right now which is really staying in the weight room during camp."

He talks about what he did over the summer.

"I stayed here over the whole summer. I didn't go home. The only time I went home was to see my mother when she was sick in the hospital, but besides that I stayed here. I went through massive, massive therapy on my shoulder, constant workouts and constant ultrasounds. But mostly I stayed on the Herschel Walker workout which was push ups and sit ups at home the whole time."

He talks about lessons learned from last season.

"As far as last season goes I would have to say the team chemistry. I take it upon myself just to bring the team together even tighter than it was before. You can have one person that is probably the best athlete in the world but at at this level you can't do it by yourself. So I would say it would just have to be the team chemistry. I just want to bring everybody together even tighter than they were before."

Riley talks about becoming a more active leader on the team.

"Most definitely. When I got here Phil (Reed) was the guy that was looking out for me and I'm just trying to do what he did but just do it better. He would like it like that anyway. That's how I feel."

He talks about this season's group of running backs.

"You just got to see yourself. I can't say anything about that. The coaches have got their own opinion; everybody has got their own opinion. I can't speak for anybody but myself."

So what's his opinion?

"We are all good. Everybody will go out there and compete hard. Simply put, the best man will win the job."

He comments about being ready to put the pads on.

"You already know it."

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