One on One with Scott Robinson

Broncos Illustrated caught up with senior cornerback Scott Robinson earlier this week. Scott talked about making the switch from strong safety to cornerback. He also talked about how he spent his summer and what he did to stay in shape.

He talks about what he did over the summer to prepare for this season.

"I had a hectic schedule compared to a lot of other student-athletes. I had an internship that took up a lot of time. So to just get in around that when I wasn't able to be up here with the team, if I had to work from eight to seven or something, I was running. Up at six o'clock running and then afterward going working out at seven o'clock or so. Just to do that and when I was able to be up here we were working out."

He lets us know whether or not he stayed in town all summer.

"I was back and forth from town and my hometown, Ypsilanti. I spent a lot of time here just because I had an internship over in Portage. It was nice. Like I said it was a lot of early morning for me. Just because of schedule that's when I was able to do a lot of my running and what not to get ready."

He talks about being moved from strong safety to cornerback.

"That's what the coaching staff and everyone decided in the spring would be a better move to fit the team and to get the best people on the field and to fill the voids and open spots that we had at cornerback. With me being a senior and a two-year starter they felt that my leadership over at corner would help the younger corners step it up and play over there."

Is he looking forward to playing at corner?

"I'm looking forward to it. I haven't played a down, college wise, at corner. But I like that. That's what I played in high school and that's what I played all my life until coming up here and playing strong safety. So, I am looking forward to that experience."

Was it much of a change for him?

"Oh yeah, it was a great change. Believe me. I'm still going to be a lot more when it comes to playing other teams and not just against each other in the spring, footwork wise, different aspects of knowing the plays and all of that good stuff. But Coach Malone is working with me and helping me understand just that transition so I should be good."

He tells us if he's ready or not to put the pads on to hit someone.

"Yeah. I know we have these first few days with just helmets and what not. But as soon as we start up I can't wait. I can't wait for the second (September 2) really. That's the date I'm really looking forward to."

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