Greg Jennings Q&A (Free Story)

Already holding several WMU receiving records Greg Jennings is poised for his junior season to begin. Now the go-to guy on offense Jennings is excited for the season to begin and talks to Broncos Illustrated about what he and the team did over the summer to prepare for the season.

What did you do on campus this summer to get ready for the season?

We tried to work together as a team. Coach [Bob] Vezeau had us in here doing a lot of unique new things as far as team preparation and things like that. For myself individually, I really just did everything that the team did. It really wasn't an individual thing this summer. I took a little break, everyone took a break, but we just worked hard in the weight room and came out here [in Waldo Stadium] and ran hard as a team.

You mentioned last spring that you might workout with some professionals over the summer; did you get a chance to do that?

Actually I didn't get a chance to go do that. I went down to Tampa Bay and I worked out with my cousin and spent some time with him. I talked to him and got a feel for how his level of play is and how it is for [WMU] on this level.

Everyone on the team seems really excited on the practice field; how do you feel the team spirit is this fall?

They are [excited]. I think the coaches brought a new attitude even to practice. As players we feel that we owe it to ourselves and to the coaches and to our fans to bring a new attitude to the game and come out here and just play hard.

Do you have a timeline to take your game to the NFL level?

A timeline? No. You just have to take it day-by-day, step-by-step, and practice-by-practice. If I make it I make it, hopefully I do; I'm working hard to get there.

Do you have an opinion yet about the incoming freshmen?

I haven't practiced with any of them yet. I have watched them the past couple of days and they pretty much look good. We all get together tomorrow and we get to teach them how we really practice because they haven't really practiced with any of the ones yet. Tomorrow will really be their first chance to go full steam.

Note: This interview was taken Friday, August 13. Since then the freshmen and veterans have had a chance to practice together on Saturday morning.

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