Oseloka Keys Q&A

An Ann Arbor native, Oseloka Key came to WMU for a chance to be a starting quarterback sometime in the future. Last spring Keys decided his best chance at playing time was on defense and he made the switch with the coaches blessing and is now a second string defensive back.

The defense really looks ready to hit someone out there; could you talk about that?

Everybody on the defense has been working hard this summer, anticipating playing, everybody's ready to get physical. Everybody has been ready to play for months.

Can the fans expect any changes on defense this season besides your switch of positions?

From what I've seen everyone's a lot more focused, everybody's ready to play, and coach J.C. Harper's big emphasis is flying to the ball, getting to the ball fast makes good defenses. Just the other night we were watching a Monday night NFL exhibition game and John Lynch said one of the reasons for their success is flying to the ball fast on defense.

Everyone on defense seems to be more energetic then in past years; why is that?

Everybody's ready to win now. Everybody's working harder and there's a different energy in the locker room, everybody's ready to change it over on the field now.

How do feel the depth is on the defense this season?

We have real good depth; we have real good talent. Coach Harper and the whole defensive staff have done a real good job of putting it all together. I think our effort flying to the ball and the coach's effort is going to be a real difference.

Talking to Paul Moersch earlier in the week, he said that there are two guys that can play on Saturday at every defensive line position. Do you think that statement applies to the entire defense?

That's definitely true.

What players do you see stepping up on defense?

Darrell Copeland is really stepping up his game. Mark Hardy is really stepping up on the defensive side. I think the defense as a whole has been working hard all winter and all summer and everybody's ready to change it up on the field.

What are your goals for this season?

The big thing everyone has been stressing around here is just getting better every day. Even if a coach says, "that was good," we really haven't had a perfect practice yet and we're just trying to get better every day.

What specifically did you do over the summer to get ready for training camp?

I did a lot of physical work because I'm on defense now; I have to be ready to play my new position. I also worked a lot with my uncle and his friends, who play professional arena football, and did a lot of one-on-one work and that's helping me right now. The coaches, coach Malone and coach Birmingham, have been helping me with the transition.

Who is your uncle?

Eddie Brown, he played for Michigan State in the early 90s.

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