Shawntey Lopez Q&A

He came to Kalamazoo last season via West Valley Junior College to play his final two seasons of college football as a Bronco. Those plans went sour when he injured his Achilles in training camp last year, but now the 6'2" 212lbs. senior is ready to play and ready to hit… and hit hard.

The roster lists you as a free safety, is that still true?

No, I'm at strong safety now.

How was to be let loose and be allowed to finally hit last weekend in practice?

It felt great. It was a good sensation, it felt good to be back and hitting again and being active.

How is the recovery going?

Very good, I'm 100% now. I had a good recovery with a good training staff that helped me out through the whole year that I was injured. They really picked me up when I was at a low point.

What specifically did you do in rehab?

All kinds of strenuous exercises to get back that range of motion in my Achilles and to be able to put full body pressure in it again. To be able to cut side to side I did a lot of treadmill work and a lot of water therapy and stuff like that.

What did your summer workouts consist of?

Speed training a lot in the fieldhouse with [strength coach] Jen [Query] and working out a lot with [head strength coach] Bob Vezeau and sticking around to complete the speed program they have.

What is your focus during camp?

Just taking it day-by-day, step-by-step and just to get better everyday and get back into it.

You've been working a lot with the twos, what will it take to move up to a one?

I think I'm doing pretty good right now, it's just the first week, and we're sticking with what we have right now and we'll see how it progresses along this next week.

Can you talk about the energy the defense has had in camp?

The energy we have is up there. We're bringing it to the next level, a level that's going to take us to the top.

What is it like working with coach Clayt Birmingham?

He's a very easygoing coach, he explains a lot of stuff in detail for you, and if you have a question you can ask him anything. He's a very approachable coach.

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