Media Day Quotes

Yesterday was media for the WMU football team and events began with head coach Gary Darnell addressing the media. He talked about the overall attitude of the team and each position.

The attitude of the team:

"These guys, they're a blue-collar team. It's not about individuals when you talk about blue-collar. You go out there and work, you go out to get the job done. They're a team of action.

"We're not a team without stars either. Certainly our talent base is very, very high… and we have answers for every position. We have quality people that we can go to and we can start with and we can finish with."

The schedule:

"Our players don't see our schedule as anything different then what it ever would be, or should be, or could be. What they see is a schedule that creates tons of opportunity. They see those BCS teams on there, they see those bowl teams, they see those national rankings there and they like that. Some people say ‘that schedule isn't the way it's supposed to be,' don't tell that to our players because they won't know what you're talking about."

The offensive line:

"Our offensive line has a real chance to express themselves to a high degree right off the bat. One player that's probably unique in that is Robbie Krutilla will be the starting center. That's significant because Robbie's a [redshirt] freshman. It's rare to start a freshman on the offensive line especially at center."

The tight ends:

"I don't think you'd trade tight ends from our team with anyone in the league, maybe not in the country. You start off with Tony Scheffler, he's up to 255lbs. and the same speed he has been. Tyson DeVree, a freshman all-American, came in when Tony got hurt. Ross Farren and Mike Kempinski are two of the guys that will certainly get on the field.

The running backs:

"Trovon Riley is our number one guy here. We have ran the ball a lot more in practice, but we have worked to keep those guys healthy. The three guys that we have coming in: Marc Orosz, Brandon Brady and Mark Bonds; I suspect you'll see one of those three sometime this season."

The wide receivers:

"Just like the tight ends I don't know who in the league you'd trade them for. Greg Jennings is just a show out there… and his big thing out there is leading. Tyrone Walker is probably the fastest guy on this team. Brian Jackson is another guy that is going to play some parts [for us]. The next level of play is when you get into Justin LeMay, Eugene Childs, Kelly Martin and Mike Slater. The rookies are fairly unique as far as the receivers are concerned and I suspect you'll see one or two of those guys as the year goes on."

The quarterbacks:

"Last year when we choose between Jon Drach and Chad Munson you were actually choosing an offense. They had very distinct styles. That's not the case this year; Ryan Cubit and Blayne Baggett are capable of doing virtually the exact same things. Their styles are nearly exactly the same and even Robbie Haas fits into that."

The defensive line:

"We have three good ones in Jack Gitler, Nick Melcher and Ernest Osborne. That's a good start to the defensive line, but the other thing is shear numbers. [We have] nine guys [who can play], last year we couldn't give you three. The reality is we're fast this year at defensive end then we were last year with Jason Babin. Osborne is one of the three fastest guys on this team so in terms or raw speed were are faster."

The linebackers:

"This time last year Mike Giorgianni was in his sixth day here and now Mike's been here a year and runs like a deer and knows exactly what he is doing. Coupled with Paul Tithof that gives us a really good start as a linebacker pair. Then the depth you get with Dan Steinau who played a lot last year and Josh Behrens is back [from injury], and Josh was starting the year before that. All those pieces that were gone last year are back now."

The safeties:

"The ones that are going to be there: Darrell Copeland and Kevin Ford who has played a lot. Then you get into some of the new names: Oseloka Keys, a freshman who'll see some time in Scooter McIntosh and Cornelius Robinson will also see some time.

"The guy who is the story right now is Brett Stewart. Brett came in here last year as a non-scholarship guy and when you look Brett will be a starting safety out there."

The Cornerbacks:

"Corner was just a nightmare last year. We got [DeRae Allen] to really think about technique [this year]. People went after him pretty hard as a freshman, well he's not a freshman anymore. We did lose Scott Robinson to safety, which opens up for Jimmy Vincent who played a lot last year. A couple freshmen who you will see this year are Blake Sims out of Detroit and C.J. Wilson from Chicago."

Special teams:

"We have the best punter in the country in Adam Anderson who is already on some preseason all-American teams. Adam is an incredible success story; he came in here as a walk-on beating down my door.

"Kicker is going to be interesting. Robert Menchinger and I are on the same page, Robert doesn't have the strongest leg but he has the most consistent. We're constantly looking for more leg strength; we have Mike Jones who was all state from Florida. Nate Meyer really has a strong leg, but he isn't the most polished kicker."

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