Alex Engram Q&A

During media day last week Broncos Illustrated got a chance to talk with Alex Engram about the quarterback position, his progress and coming to school early for spring practice. Engram also addressed some far-fetched Internet rumors that circulated last spring.

Could you address the Internet rumors about you transferring to Cincinnati?

I heard about them about two weeks before we got out of school [last spring]. It was trivial to me. There was never any truth to them at all.

How is the quarterback race going and how do you fit into it?

Right now it's between Ryan Cubit and Blayne Baggett, that's going to be a pretty good match-up. I plan on putting myself in the picture next year. This year the speed of the game kind of hit me hard. I feel I am as talented as them, but they have great leadership for our team this year.

Do you feel any advantage after coming in early and participating in spring practice?

I feel like that helped me out a lot because if I had come in like the rest of the freshmen I wouldn't have known the offense. I know more then I would have known. I feel like I gave myself a great advantage, plus I got fourteen credit hours out of it.

What has been the biggest transition between high school and college?

Time management. I always had people planning my day and now it's up to me to plan my own day, get up on time, go to class and get to football practice.

How much are you learning about reading a college level defense?

Our team is going to give me a real good look because we run a 4-2-5 defense, which is one of the defenses you can switch coverages on because you have five defensive backs in the secondary. The biggest thing for me right now is learning to really read the corners and really read the safeties. I'm learning where to put the ball based on the play called because I already know the coverages.

What's the playbook like in college?

[Laughing] The playbook in college is real… challenging. It's a hard playbook to comprehend right now, but it's getting easier.

What are you learning from your coaches right now?

I'm learning how to manage the game and just learning where everybody's going to be. How to call my protections, how to read blitzes and how to check off. Things that quarterbacks have to learn I'm learning, but the most important thing they're trying to teach me is how to be a leader to the team. Whether your starting or not you have to prepare like you are the starter all the time and be a leader out there. I also have to learn patience; they preach that to me a lot, patience.

What are you going to major in?

Probably business management.


The day after this interview was held Alex Engram asked the coaches if he could try playing cornerback, a position many BCS schools recruited him to play. Last Saturday and Sunday he got a crash course in playing corner but decided that he should stick with quarterback.

"He would have gotten redshirted either way," said Gary Darnell. Monday morning he was back with the offense in the red jersey throwing rockets once again.

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