Postgame Quotes: Gary Darnell

The Broncos rolled to a 42-0 victory against the Skyhawks of Tennessee-Martin in front of over 21,000 fans – a number in question given the lack of empty seats. Gary Darnell spoke to the media about a game that featured a defensive touchdown, a special teams touchdown and the first shutout in four seasons.

On Tennessee-Martin:

"I would like to begin by noting that I have been where Matt Griffin and UT-Martin is right now. I was at Tennessee Tech and we played Kansas St. and were in the exact same situation. I've been where they are and they did a great job.

"They came here, had a plan to come into an environment where we obviously have some more advantages then they do. You grow your program with games like this and we'll have a similar situation coming up [against Virginia Tech].

"I admire a coach that comes in with a plan and sticks his chin out to stick with that plan. I think that's what [UT-Martin] did tonight."

On if WMU played well enough:

"I think we went a long ways to accomplishing that. I think in varying degrees we played very well, I don't think we made an ‘A' but we came close to it. We held ourselves together to the end here.

"It was really important that we composed ourselves an entire sixty minutes. It's been an issue with us and we worked it and worked it and it's going to be an issue with us all year long and it has to be if we plan on playing somewhere in December.

"As far as if we played at the highest level at the end and the whole way through I think the attitude and the focus of our players, we had only one or two penalties in this [game]. Our stadium is configured uniquely and there are a lot of distractions and our players did a great job of keeping the game out in front of them.

"Given what I saw and what I felt from the sidelines I'm happy for our team but we want better."

On the defense getting the shutout:

"I don't care how long you've been in [football] a zero is hard to get. Many times a zero is the combination of the offense, defense and kicking game. The offense never put the defense in trouble, the kicking kept them out of trouble and the only time they put themselves in trouble is when they gave up a big play and they worked their way out of it.

"Equal to the shutout the thing that excites me about our defense is that they scored. You become a different kind of cat when you're the ones that can take the ball across the goal line when you're on defense. The game is such that there are more ways to score on defense but yet you don't do it that much. When the defense starts getting that kind of confidence it changes your outlook on playing.

"J.C. Harper, I don't think there's any question he played a ton of players. I think we played 10 or 11 defensive linemen, rolled the linebackers and got a lot of work with the secondary since our secondary will be tested all year."

On if UT-Martin was a good test for WMU:

"They have a couple of legitimate wide outs and they made some good plays and they also had themselves in good position a couple times. That was good for us."

On how well Blayne Baggett played:

"I think he did fine. I think by him staying in there a little bit longer he got put in situations where he got into a little bit more pressure where he had to be creative."

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