Postgame Quotes: Gitler and Baggett

For Jack Gitler it was his first shutout as a Bronco, for Baggett it was his first start as a Bronco. Both players talked to the media after the 42-0 victory over Tennessee-Martin.

Jack Gitler excited for the win:

"Oh my gosh, it's my first goose-egg in seven years of football. I'll tell you what, the defense came out with an attitude and it was fun the whole time. We were getting on each other if there was a bad play and we were picking each other up and everyone just having fun. On the field people were high-fiveing, people in a good mood, that's something that hasn't happened here since I've been here."

Gitler on the defense being on the field so much in the first quarter:

"With coach J.C. Harper on the sidelines we did a real good job substituting which really helped out. We have that belief in other players that a two defensive lineman can go out and everyone will play the same, Earnest Osborne can go out and he'll play just as good as me. You have that good feeling you can send him out and he plays well and I get a rest. We had a really good rotation going, it was awesome."

Gitler on the offense:

"Everyone was playing well. I give it up to Blayne Baggett here he was playing well. I'm so happy right now it's hard to even talk."

Gitler on the defensive execution:

"I think we came out and played the way we wanted to play and we haven't done that in a few years. We played the game the way we wanted to play the game. Everything that we saw we saw on film so we were ready for it. To pitch the shutout and get the confidence built up [was great]."

Gitler on Mike Giorgianni's interception for a touchdown:

"That was huge. That got the defense going… that was fun.

"I think if you look around the country at the linebackers and some people question the size of our linebackers, but it shows that Giorgianni had the speed to score the touchdown. You have Paul Tithof running around making plays it really shows that their speed overcame their size."

Baggett on the offense not playing much in the first half:

"We played well on the what, 2 drives we had in the first half. [Laughing] We couldn't get on the field.

"I was a little anxious having my first start and everything. I had little butterflies before the game but [laughing] thankfully an hour and a half later after kickoff I got them out. The defense and Greg Jennings just kept scoring."

Baggett on settling in once he got into the game:

"It took a few plays. Once I took the first [hit] they [the butterflies] just go away and then it just becomes football at that point."

Baggett on the "bigger goal":

"Everyone on this team is excited about the win, but everyone is also so focused on the bigger goal on what we have to accomplish here. It's nice to come out without any real injuries in this game but I think we're focused on the bigger picture."

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