Starting QB in the Air Again?

The race for starting quarterback started last spring as Ryan Cubit and Blayne Baggett vied for the spot Jon Drach and Chad Munson fought for the two previous years. With a few days left in fall camp Gary Darnell announced Baggett as the starter for the 2004 season and the race was over… or so we thought.

"It's going to be tough," said Gary Darnell about the decision on who will start this week. Tough because Blayne Baggett, who started the first two games before being injured, is now healthy from his injury and tough because Ryan Cubit had a solid game against Illinois completing 27 of 41 passes for 273 yards.

A week ago Darnell stated that Baggett was still the number one quarterback and that Cubit was only starting because of the practice time Baggett would miss while healing. And today he added, "I don't believe you lose your starting job due to injury." But Cubit is one quarterback hard to ignore. "He played a really solid game for us," said Darnell.

No answers are going to be found on the latest 2-deep either. Both players are listed in the number one spot this week.

An answer was found at practice on Monday night however. "I'm starting," said Cubit when asked directly. "Everyone's really excited about the offense and we're going to go ahead and see how we do in the MAC."

When asked if the decision was based in any way on the condition of Baggett's rib injury the answer was unequivocal, "no." According to Darnell the decision was made for "the benefit of the team and for continuity."

"With the guys we have here [at the skill positions] you don't have to be a guy with an amazing arm or amazing athletic ability because we already have the guys out there to make the plays," said Cubit. "It takes a lot of pressure of us quarterbacks and makes it easy for us."

Cubit added, "regardless of who's in there at quarterback we're confident that the job is going to get done."

"We're just in a flow in the offense right now," said Darnell. "Everyone is comfortable with Ryan right now and we decided to go with him."

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