Coach Darnell Ball State Quotes

Western Michigan University Head Coach Gary Darnell talked to the media following the Broncos 41-14 loss to the Ball State Cardinals Saturday. He talked about the game, about, about the change Ball State made at quarterback and about timing of the bye week among other things.

Coach Darnell talks about the game.

"I think the lead statement would be that early in the game all the things that you want to happen for you didn't quite happen for us and all the things that you don't want to happen early happened. Those are things as far as big plays. We took the ball down first three times and didn't quite get it in there. So you're thinking well everything is still alright but then momentum starts going their way and then early, particularly defensively, we lost like two or three players early and then all of a sudden we're scrambling those things. So we are chasing guys around out there. I really truly believe you could see it that they thought that they could beat us tonight. Then we started feeding their confidence and where our blitzes have normally been able to get to people and get things done didn't quite get it done. So then it started mounting up and the same old thing, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword and then that started happening."

He talks about whether or not he saw a difference between Joey Lynch and Cole Stinson at quarterback.

"I think Stinson had a stronger arm without a doubt as far as anytime if you are blitzing up inside you've got a cushion that you get in certain man-coverages and he was able to have the arm strength to get it to it right now. So he was able to make the two-second throws tonight. I don't think that the other one was able to do that."

He talks about getting away from running the ball in the second half.

"I just felt like our style is to throw the ball. Our running game was okay but I can't make it any more clearer we failed on a third and one and a fourth and one. We really haven't done that all year so that's a credit to Ball State and their staff getting ready for that thing. I think that happened three times. When that happens then we get to the movement passes and all those sorts of things and that's where we started throwing the ball a little bit more just because in critical situations we didn't get it done."

Coach Darnell talks about what type of momentum shift took place on the failed fourth and one in the first quarter.

"I don't know. I think at that point there's a lot of other dynamics going on besides that. I think they felt the crack in our armor was that we didn't get to them like we have everybody else blitz wise. We weren't getting to them and they were able to pass the ball and keep us off balance that way. Well now you've got to make some hard decisions out there. So I just think that was a part of it. I don't think that was a key part. But it certainly sent up a red flag to us, "well wait a minute here we are on a fourth and one." But the one thing at that point why you did that, because at that point we still felt our defense was playing well enough that if we didn't make it we would be okay. When you do those kinds of things when your defense is playing well later in the game we wouldn't have made the consideration."

He talks about the timing of the bye week.

"I think in this particular case I think we got hurt tonight. I think we got beat up physically so I think it's time. Trying to act like it didn't happen but I think we were tired. We worked hard this week. If you had to do it over I probably wouldn't have worked them quite as hard this last week. But they are road weary and then they got physical drills and then they got beat up. So it's time for them to be able to take a breath. Wednesday of this week will be the exact halfway point of our football season. We've got one hundred ten days in our football season and Wednesday is the fifty fifth day of it. So it's come at a good time."

He comments on how Greg Jennings is doing.

"At this point in time I don't really know. I can't comment on any of them right now. To be honest with you I wouldn't if I knew. But the reality of it is I don't know."

Coach Darnell talks about the secondary.

"Its better but it's not there. I've said all along this team will probably make its progress, secondary does. But we continue to put a lot of pressure on them. We can't back down. I don't know if we have the right answers but we're not a real physical defensive line either. So we've got to use one speed to catch the onus on the other…"

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