Trovon Riley's Thoughts at Mid-Season

The junior from Kankakee, IL talks with Broncos Illustrated about the state of the WMU football team during their bye week. At 1-3 (0-1 MAC) things may look bad to the fans, but to Riley the Broncos are not far from where they need to be.

How do feel the season has gone so far?

Right now the season is not going the way we wanted it to, but it's still early and there's a lot of room for change and a lot of room to turn things around. I think we're doing pretty good right now, not as good as we should be doing, but pretty good.

How tough was it to take the loss at Ball State?

It was hard. Going into the fourth quarter it was 20-14 (in favor of BSU) so we wanted the ball back right away, but as soon as we looked up in the air there were 6 more points on the board [for Ball State]. It was real tough because the first win is always the biggest win in the MAC.

In what ways do you think the running game needs to improve?

The running game starts with the passing game. If passing is doing good then running is doing good. We can run all day and I could amass 20 runs in the first half, but if we're losing we're passing in the second half.

Do you feel the timing of the bye week was good for the team?

Very good because with all the losing everybody just needs to get their minds right. We have Friday and Saturday and we come back Sunday and stretch the week out and try to get our minds right.

Is a MAC title still possible?

No doubt I think it's possible. It's still within reach. It's going to take everybody coming together and keeping their eyes on the prize.

How do feel the team's spirit and confidence is right now?

Nobody's down, everybody wants to win more then ever. We still have 7 games left. Everybody's still up trying to get the wins we need to get. Being down is not the way to be especially right now.

Can you talk about how Mark Bonds has played as a true freshman?

Mark's doing good. That's my young apprentice right there and I try to lead him in the right direction. He stepped up when Daniel Marks got hurt so he had no choice but to come in. He's playing real good especially for a freshman.

Is it exciting to have the first home game in over a month coming up?

I think that it will be good for everybody to see some friendly faces. I'm excited to come out of that tunnel and hear "Boomer" go off. It's really a homecoming right here.

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