Kevin Ford Q&A

Heading into the Broncos' weekend off we caught up with Kevin Ford, leg cast and all, to talk about the season so far from a defense perspective. Read on to hear what Ford, a junior safety out of Lansing Sexton, has to say about the progress of the team so far and what needs to happen to turn the losing around.

Could you rate how the team has done so far this season?

Really we haven't come together yet. We have some things going but we haven't just come together and been hitting as one heartbeat yet. I feel it will come but there's been some switches and changes. We have to come out and fight harder.

How tough was the loss at Ball State?

It was real tough. By far we have way more athletes then them but they came out and like coach [Gary Darnell] said we came down to their level. We felt we were better then them we just didn't come out fighting like we were better then them. They came out like they were the best team and that [us losing] is what happens.

How well do you feel the secondary is playing as a unit right now?

We need work. We got a lot of new guys and new faces. Some of the older guys got to step up and listen to coach and just follow through on our instructions and work as hard as we can out there. We just haven't come together as one unit yet; we got to get a good chemistry in the secondary.

How are the young guys adjusting to division one football?

They're adjusting all right there's just some nicks and bruises though. They're getting used to it; they're adjusting fast, a lot faster then I ever did. They should be fine later in the season.

Do you feel the bye week timing was good for the team?

Injury wise it defiantly was. It was good timing to get guys focused for the last seven games. We just need to get it going right now, we don't have any time to waste any more.

Is a MAC title still possible?

A MAC title is still possible we just got to win out. If we beat every team we play from here on out I know Ball State will get beat again. I think we can win out.

Is the team's confidence where it needs to be?

We're just disappointed right now. We're down that we're losing, but we're not down as team. We're just disappointed because we know we should be winning. We got this week to rest and we'll come back charging and ready to go. I feel we'll do all right.

Are you excited for your first chance to play in front of the home crowd in a while?

Yah, I feel we play better in front of the home crowd with everybody cheering you on. It just gives us a chance to get back in front of our home people. Get our minds back to where they're supposed to be at.

Is the injured leg going to be ready for the Toledo game?


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