Tony Scheffler Q&A

The junior from Chelsea, MI spoke to the media Monday afternoon about the bye week and the upcoming contest with Toledo. Read on to hear what Scheffler had to say about where the Bronco football team is at and what they need to do Saturday.

Can you talk about the bye week and then the Toledo game coming up?

Obviously after the disappointing loss against Ball State the bye week really gave everyone a chance to think about what happened, and realize that we're not where we want to be. We got a good rest this weekend and we're just looking forward to going out there and showing what we can really do putting four quarters together.

Toledo coming up this week, I don't want to say do or die but it is. We have a long MAC schedule ahead of us and [if we lose to Toledo] it pretty much takes our chances of a MAC championship away. I guess we could look at this as a MAC championship game for us. Get ourselves on the right foot for the three game home stand and get rolling with a big win.

Was it tough coming home from that loss to Ball State?

I think so. I think coming off the Ball State game it opened a lot of guy's eyes. I expected to go down to Ball State and win, that's just what you do, Western Michigan beats Ball State. Obviously that didn't happen, obviously we didn't perform anywhere near where we thought we would.

Do you think you guys can score a lot of points on Toledo?

Their secondary and defense [as a whole] are young. They lost a lot of guys up front so coach Rock and coach Darnell have a good game plan for us. I do know they lost a lot of guys on defense so I guess you might be looking at some high scores. It may be a shootout, we'll see.

How does the Toledo rivalry rank with you guys compared to Central Michigan?

For a lot of the guys it's a pretty good rivalry. We have a lot of guys from Detroit and a lot of guys over that way. For me I've never beat Toledo… I've never really played in a full game against them.

Did Toledo recruit you?

Yes. But not real hard so I guess you could say I got something out for them.

How do you react to seeing what Toledo did to Ball State after your loss to them?

It's all about turnovers and who shows up to play that day. That doesn't really have any significants to me at least.

Do you expect the pace of practice to be any different this week?

I do, coach was talking about maybe shortening up practices so we're all fresh and ready to go for Saturday.

What does this team need to turn things around?

To be honest I've been here four years and I can't put my finger on it. I wish I knew and I think we all wish we knew.

How good should this team be?

We have so much talent on this team, compared to the rest of the MAC schools I think we have the advantage in talent but that only goes so far. At some point we just have to click and hit on all cylinders. I think once that happens we're a very dangerous team but that has to happen [first].

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