Ryan Cubit Q&A

Starting quarterback Ryan Cubit spoke with Broncos Illustrated following practice this week. He talked about the upcoming Toledo game, the state of the Bronco football team and his father Bill Cubit (offensive coordinator at Stanford, and formerly at Western Michigan) making a rare trip to see him play.

What do you expect to see out of Toledo this weekend?

Traditionally they've been a great team. This is a huge game for us and a huge game for them and we're definitely ready mentally and physically. We've had a bye week and we feel pretty good about ourselves. We're ready for them and been watching film on them and just getting prepared for them as much as we can.

Do you feel you have an opportunity to exploit the young secondary of Toledo's?

We have a lot of different things going on with us in our offense right now yet at the same time we're not changing the way we play very much, we're going to run our offense and keep doing the things we've been doing all year. We have a game plan of what we do against different defenses and so we know what we have to do against them.

Why haven't we seen very many big plays this season?

We got some things going and it's up to us to make those plays happen. It's not up to the coaches or anyone else; it's up to us as players to make things happen. We're going to go out and make sure we make those big plays and if we don't then we'll just continue to work at it.

What do you feel the missing link is to this team winning games?

There's nothing in particular that's missing. Everything is there, the team chemistry is there and we're playing as a team. I think we're going to go in and things like [the Ball State loss] happen and we felt we were going to win at Ball State but we just didn't execute properly. We got ourselves in a hole and couldn't get out of it. It's not one thing that's wrong we just need to make sure everyone's doing their job.

Do you feel the Toledo game is a make or break for your season?

I wouldn't say make or break but it is an extremely crucial game for where we're going to stand in the MAC. If we win this game it'll give us a lot of momentum going into the rest of the MAC. We all know that, we all know how important it is to win this game because if we lose this game we got to start relying on a lot of other teams to help us out if we want to win the MAC.

Do you think the team confidence is where it needs to be to get those things done?

I think it is. We're at a point where it's all business right now. We know exactly what he have to do; guys are watching film more, guys are being more prepared and a lot of guys feel better physically right now. It's a good mindset as a team right now.

I heard your dad got to see you play at Illinois. What did have to say to you about how you played?

He came out and he was happy just to be there. He came out and I asked some questions and stuff and we talk a lot about football. He doesn't really get to see me play at all, and with the stuff he has going on at Stanford we don't even get to see each other on TV because we usually play at the same time. He was just happy to come out and be a dad for once.

Did he have any suggestions for you?

He doesn't really get involved too much; he says things here and there and I asked him some questions, but most of the time it's just father and son talk.

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